Carmen briefing | Guiyang intends to cancel the car purchase limit; Bao Neng, former vice president, Yan Xuebin joined Chery


Editor’s note: This article is from Krypton 36 “Future Automotive Daily” (micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Pan Lei.Finishing: Pan Lei headline Guizhou Province Guiyang City plans to cancel the car purchase restrictions, the Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other nine units in the joint release of the “Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other nine units on the promotion of the automotive consumer market for sustainable and healthy development of several policy measuresIt is proposed that in 2019, the number of licenses issued by Guiyang City will increase by more than 30,000 on the basis of 2018, and the number of the special number of the passenger car will be cancelled in real time according to the specific situation.This also means that Guiyang has become another city to increase the number of car shakes after Shenzhen and other cities.(Daily Economic News) Selected former vice president of Baoneng, Qi Xuebin, joined Chery and took over the smart car business. Future car daily (ID: auto-time) was exclusively informed that Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. assistant general manager and executive director of smart car business groupZhu Guohua officially resigned from his position at Chery on September 5.Informed sources confirmed to the Future Auto Daily that Bao Xuebin, former vice president and president of the R&D Institute, joined Chery on September 9 and succeeded Zhu Guohua in the smart car business.The group’s official appointment to Yan Xuebin has not yet been released.The establishment of the marketing business committee, the opening of BAIC’s independent integration, the two major independent brands of Beijing Automotive New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd. officially announced the integration and the establishment of the BAIC Group Marketing Business Committee.The relevant person in charge of the marketing business committee of BAIC Group revealed that after the integration of BAIC New Energy and Beijing Auto Channel, the “BEIJING” standard will be launched, and the new brand “BEIJING” will be released in the middle and late October.(Daily Economic News) Benteng confirmed the postponement of mass production, delivery delay until 2020, the production of M-Byte, the production version of the company, was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and announced that the new car is expected to begin mass production in mid-2020.The officially announced mass production time was at the end of this year.(Future Auto Daily) Mercedes-Benz’s global sales increased by 14% in August, sales in China accounted for more than 30% according to Daimler’s official sales data. In August this year, the Mercedes-Benz brand continued its strong momentum last month.Delivery of 177,800 vehicles, double-digit growth (14%) for two consecutive months.In the Asia-Pacific region, Mercedes-Benz achieved a new record with sales of 82,300 units (up 13.8% year-on-year).In the core market China, Mercedes-Benz delivered a total of 60,134 vehicles in August, an increase of 12.8% year-on-year, accounting for 33.8%.(Gai Shi Automotive) Renault CEO: Merger with FCA has become a “past style” According to Reuters, Renault CEO Thierry Bollore said that Fiat Chrysler (FCA)’s merger offer for Renault “It has become a past tense, and the two sides have not restarted the negotiations.(Sina Auto) China Automobile Association: Passenger car sales in August fell 7.7% year-on-year. On September 11, the China Automobile Association announced the latest production and sales data.In August, the year-on-year decline in automobile production narrowed, and the sales volume decreased year-on-year. The production and sales volume reached 1.991 million units and 1.958 million units respectively, up 10.3% and 8% respectively from the previous month, down 0.5% and 6.9% respectively from the same period of the previous year..(Future Automotive Daily) Hezhong Automobile combs the brand structure, where the car replaces the brand LOGO. Recently, Hezhong Automobile announced the combing of the brand structure. HOZON will be the corporate brand, and the car will be the product brand.product line.In the future, all models under the car brand will use the Hezhong fountain as the brand LOGO.At present, which brand has launched two models, which are N01 and N01 2020.In addition, the N03 concept model has been unveiled, the new car will be equipped with L2.5 autopilot, NEDC cruising range is 500 kilometers.(Blue Whale Finance) Ha Kai travel executive Li Kai-kun: First-tier cities share bicycles “not enough to ride” on the issue of sharing bicycles out of order, Harbin travel executive Li Kai-kun said that no one is willing to release disorderly, this isThe consequences of irrational competition at a specific time.In the first-tier cities, everyone complains that it is not a lot of cars, but not enough.Bad cars piled up on the street because some companies have weak operational capabilities and did not clean up in time, which is not directly related to actual demand.( Drip Net about car civilization ride guide officially released on September 11, Didi travel platform rules official microblog officially released “Drip Network about car civilization ride guide”, the guide was previously announcedBased on the draft for comment, combined with the final revised version of the public opinion, it is applicable to the express car service such as express train, premium enjoyment, special car and luxury car in the Drip Travel platform.(Global Network) Fuji economy: 2035 electric vehicles global sales will exceed 20 million units. Japan’s Kyodo News reported that the Japanese survey company Fuji economy’s recent passenger car market forecast shows that global electric vehicle (EV) new car sales will reach 2035There were 22.02 million vehicles, which was significantly different from the 11.03 million plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) and the 7.85 million hybrid vehicles (HVs).(Wind) New product Tesla considers installing noise machine in Model 3 to remind pedestrians According to CNET report, before the US government mandated, Tesla was considering installing a noise machine in Model 3 to alert pedestrians by making a sound.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will issue regulations next year requiring automakers to install noise machines in electric vehicle models.(Product Play) The world’s first direct methanol fuel cell logistics vehicle was released on September 10, at the 3rd China (Hangzhou) International Express Industry Conference held in Tonglu, Zhejiang, the National Engineering Laboratory for Logistics Information and Suzhou Ogahua New Energy LimitedThe company reached an in-depth cooperation and jointly released the world’s first direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) logistics vehicle.The car can travel for nearly 500 kilometers under standard conditions and only takes 1 minute for each fueling time.Daimler unmanned trucks will conduct public road tests in Virginia Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler announced that it has begun working with Torc Robotics to test its self-driving trucks on the Virginia highway..Daimler recently agreed to acquire a majority stake in Torc Robotics.The truck under test, called Freightliner Cascadias, will be equipped with lidar sensors, cameras, radar arrays and Torc’s L4-class autopilot software.(Car cloud network).