Apple released new products such as iPhone 11, we have sorted out various comments and spit from foreigners.


At 1 am on September 11th, Beijing time, Apple’s 2019 autumn new product launch was held at the Steve Jobs Theater in California.This year’s three new phones are the iPhone 11 with dual cameras and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max with three cameras.Most of the time of the whole conference was about the photographic effect. Apple finally failed to avoid the custom. Like most Android manufacturers, the mobile phone conference became more like a camera conference.Here, 36氪 sorted out the comments of the foreign media, foreign celebrities, fruit powders, and ordinary people who were eating melons. Let’s take a look at what they said.Foreign media and institutional commentary This release will have a feeling of deja vu.This morning, Apple released three new iPhones, and they have to admit that they are almost identical to the phones released in 2018 and 2017.The new iPhone Pro that Apple introduced this year is actually a replica of the iPhone XS last year, but with a huge and ugly bump with a so-called new design – three rear cameras.– Nicolas·Vegas, New York Post iPhone 11 is priced at $ 699, which indicates a significant drop in the price of Apple products.Users of iPhone X and above may have no reason to upgrade.– Patrick Moorhead, Moor Insights & Strategy Longer battery life, smaller size, cheaper models, and more accessible personal-specific software.The new phone lets you turn off all the microphones and cameras on your app when you’re not using it (which, to a lesser extent, reduces the monitoring capabilities of third-party apps), when third-party apps search for your GPS coordinates and other data in the background.When the phone is notified, the software will be privately tracked without knowing it, and the GPS will automatically turn off when not in use.——Leslie Morgan Nakajima’s new three camera products can provide more comprehensive data for the pursuit of photographic effects.Of course, the end result may be a video that is less jittery and may be a better augmented reality (AR) experience.- Dave Gershgorn, Medium has several strengths to play here.Apple devices last longer than regular Android devices, and the operating system is always up to date.Second-hand transactions are also frequent.Of course, Apple doesn’t mind this because its focus is now turning to services.Apple wearables also performed well on the market.- Marta Pinto, IDC. Considering the loyalty of fruit powder to the iPhone, if they really want 5G, they may continue to wait.– Ben Wood, CCS InsightTwitter The following is Apple for the next 10 years, haha!- SoulHexxed @SoulHexxed If you take a photo with the iPhone 11 pro max, you are the sauce purple.– KIM @GalihoGalilei’s release of the iPhone 11 means that other Apple products will be cut in price.iPhone 6, we are here!- Man’s Not Barry Roux @AdvBarryRoux Two years later, you cry and shouted to buy the iPhone 11 and cut the price, please be patient, baby.- Isaac @tumisaac One apple a year, portable charging treasure away from me.——Dr MK @mineshkaria After today, your old apple and old notebook will be out, send them to me, I don’t want to give up.- Nathan [email protected] You never know what the design inspiration comes from, haha.——Ferdi Çıldız @FerdiCildiz Apple’s wallpaper color is originally familiar with the kidney color, do you understand?——Shubham Poddar @Shubham91125101 Which camera design is more popular?Do you stand Huawei or Apple? – moo Venḓa @shonie_SA about standing Huawei or Apple, netizens reply like this: Both look great!The apple is more unique, and the traditional one-word design is more beautiful.- itmeajub @AbdallaouiAjub The second is a joke.——Qew @Q_e_w In addition to being a mobile phone, the iPhone 11 pro is also used as an induction cooker.Wonderful!- Vindi[email protected]_ Apple products latest pricing: iPhone 11, $699; iPhone 11 pro, $999; iPhone 11 ProMax, $1099; continue to use the Mac in hand, free!– Mahesh Pansare @maheshpansare Apple has launched a new generation of mobile phone iPhone 11 to the world.It comes with a new and improved camera with a new A13 bio-chip, full waterproof and longer battery life!——Music News [email protected] Tweet reply: Why is it so confusing?Not so bad.– @cloudyrepsx Android is sold out.- [email protected] Samsung has sold out.——@egotistichwasaa Don’t understand, why is it ugly year after year?– After [email protected] launched the new Apple, Apple began to make older phones run slower and have shorter battery life.——[email protected]_twigg new skills get up: don’t buy a new iPhone, just write ‘send your own iPhone 11′ at the end of each email, you can save others’ eyes and save money.- David [email protected] saw the iPhone 11, Huawei laughed.- [email protected], let’s revisit the payment method of the iPhone.——[email protected] looks forward to the day when the camera is all like a big row of lights, I can use the mobile phone to do the red and blue spa.——Xinzangyu, California Apple did not release a new mobile phone at all, just released a new camera.——joshuaacip I have already put the expectations low, but Apple’s lower limit still surprised me…——thu22jun I can’t believe that Apple’s people dared to give the press the name “innovation”.——ExtremelyQualified The only thing I am interested in is that at the Apple Store, I can finally buy the Apple Watch I want.I can choose the strap and color scheme I like.In the past, I could only buy a stainless steel watch + sports strap, and then I bought a Milanese strap – there is always a strap that is completely wasted.——ChairmanLaParka3D-Touch seems to be officially declared dead.All new phones don’t mention this feature.In fact, you can expect this ending because there are fewer people.But as far as I am concerned, I still like 3D-Touch very much, so I will continue to use my Xs and will not buy new phones.- Iredditfromwork started storage or 64GB, it is too bad.Even the iPhone 11 Pro started with 64GB, which is really too bad for the wife.The basic storage capacity of Samsung Note 10+ is 256GB.I can understand that they didn’t add any breakthrough features, but the annual start-up storage is 64 GB, which is a few meanings!?This is Apple’s disrespect for the performance of customers.They want to get a marketing strategy and force customers to buy 256GB.I feel that they released the 64GB version just to promote the iPhone’s starting price is less than $1,000.– At the entire conference of bittuhari, they have been putting video on the video, saying that the iPhone 11 Pro has a lot of good looks, but there is nothing really innovative.Ok, even if the iPhone 11 Pro is very good, but you don’t have to put videos on the press conference all the time!These video ladies are too long and have no meaning at all.–mragarg This is the first Apple conference that I can’t stand up.Apple wants to keep on video and keep mixing it?I am a super fruit powder, but I am really disappointed.The word “innovation” was smashed by them, and even the press conference without substantive content dared to “innovate.”- akwilliamson did not expect to see Apple price cuts in his lifetime, is this Apple’s recognition of its pricing strategy failed?- Iamseiko has netizens rebutting the previous one: they will not admit the mistakes, but the cost has been reduced in these years.In the past, the screen of the iPhone was so powerful. Now, everyone is on the scale of producing similar screens.- Superhobbes1223 I can only look forward to 2020.Almost the entire iPhone’s keynote speech is talking about the lens, skipping a lot of configuration details.After reading the detailed configuration in the Apple Store, I understand why they have to skip this.The 64GB basic storage is too bad.Still hanged on the tree in the lightning line; however, at least they added a quick charger.I hope that the 2020 conference will be even more impressive.- swansonben translator: Hao Pengcheng, Yaqi Selina, Ogawa.