Apple is no longer proud, but Cook does not have to apologize


This article has a total of 3,913 words, reading takes about 11 minutes of text | No rust, small elephants take the annual “Technology Spring Festival Evening”, Apple’s autumn conference ended.Before the annual Apple conference, there must be a good event to send a “review of the conference.”Duplicate, predictable processes, faster processors, longer endurance.This is enough to reveal that in recent years, Apple’s press conference has become increasingly lacking.This year is of course the same.Information summary: [About the new ipad] starting price of 329 US dollars, 10.2 inches, A10 Fusion, not a full screen, support keyboard and Apple Pencil, performance improvement, equipped with iPadOS, free to watch Apple TV plus for one year, not a full screen, stillThere is a physical Home key.Performance improvement, equipped with iPadOS, booked today, delivery at the end of the month.[About apple watch 5] The new AppleWatch supports full-day dials that are always on and off, with 18 hours of battery life unchanged.Built-in compass that supports emergency calls in 150 countries.New ceramic and titanium materials.399 knives are available for sale, starting today and will be available for sale on September 20.Series 3 is priced at 199 knives.[About iPhone11] uses 6.1-inch Retina screen, equipped with A13 Bionic processor, 12 million front wide-angle lens + 12 million pixel telephoto lens + 12 million pixel super wide-angle lens, 2x optical zoom, support night scene mode, 4K, slow motion video recording,The battery life is one hour longer than the iPhone XR. It has six colors of purple, white, green, yellow, black and red. The speaker supports Dolby panoramic sound effects and starts at $699![About iPhone 11 pro] series, Pro 5.8 inches, Pro Max 6.5 inches, super retina XDR screen; A13 Bionic, battery life up 4-5 hours, fast charging; three camera solution is 12 million pixels, wide-angle telephoto super wide angle,Standard 18W fast-filled head, available in four versions: green, gold, silver, and gray. The iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1,099.Several hot words: [5 hours of battery life] Thanks to the improvement of the processor and OLED screen, the iPhone 11 Pro has improved its battery life. Compared with last year’s iPhone XS, the battery life can be increased by up to 5 hours.[Yuba camera] iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inches) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5 inches), added a new dark green color.The rear camera is designed for the three cameras, and it is dubbed by the netizens as “the Yuba”. It is ugly and intensive.[Price reduction] According to Apple’s official website in China, the iPhone 11 starts at 5,499 yuan, the iPhone 11 Pro starts at 8699 yuan, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at 9,599 yuan, up to 12,699 yuan.The old model has two product line price cuts, the iPhone 8 series has been reduced to $449, and the iPhone XR series has been reduced to $599.The apple watch3 series has been reduced to $199.01 Apple’s full range last year was called “big and expensive”, too high pricing, seriously affecting Apple’s sales.Especially XR, the sale will break.Apple had to cut the price all the way, and the move was once sprayed and could not take care of itself.Therefore, to say that the biggest news of this year is not technology, but the basic iPhone11 (an upgraded version of XR) is 1,000 yuan cheaper than last year. In the downturn of the market economy, the competition in the mobile phone industry is fierce today, Apple has to make “The last fight.”In addition, Tim Cook also made a rare move at the Apple conference to “wash the ground”. He said: The three iPhone users launched last year reached 99% satisfaction, which is the highest user satisfaction in the entire industry.It’s really unbelievable.A sleek Cook, a surrendered Tim Cook, an apple that is no longer proud.The theme of this conference is “Innovation”, which is enough to doubt whether it is self-defeating.As the successor to Steve Jobs, Cook and his apples have experienced the most criticism in the past eight years, that is, “insufficient innovation.”The most powerful testimony to this criticism is the stagnant growth of its fist product iPhone sales. In the past three years, Apple has sold nearly 650 million iPhones, and the annual sales growth rate is swinging around 0%.Correspondingly, in the third fiscal quarter of FY 2019, Apple’s iPhone sales revenue was 25.99 billion US dollars, down 11.8% year-on-year. This is also the first time in the past seven years, iPhone revenue fell below 50%, but in the previousIn the past few quarters, the iPhone’s revenue accounted for more than 60%.Among them, the most embarrassing fall is also the Greater China region that held Apple the highest. At the end of last year, XS Max’s “bad” performance caused their revenue in the quarter to plummet more than 20%. On this basis,Huawei, which has grown against the trend, has narrowed its market share to Apple by 1.88%.To some extent, Apple may be experiencing the biggest dilemma of the “post-Kuke era,” and beyond that, whether it is Cook or Apple, it is clear that there is an urgent need to find a “break of the road.”Although the founder of this dilemma is not Cook himself.02 If all the companies on this planet are sorted according to the difficulty of succession, Jobs and the apple he founded should be second to none.In combination with the recent hot spots of Ma Yun’s retirement, I personally think that it is more difficult for Jobs to succeed, because it is also an outstanding entrepreneur, Jack Ma is a legend, and Jobs has been transformed into a god by crazy fans..Regarding the comparison between Cook and Jobs, one of the most acquainted ones said: “One is good at playing Jiangshan, and one is good at defending the mountains.” Compared with the two, the difficulty of defending Jiangshan is undoubtedly greater, the lens and attention obtained.But less, in essence, this is a thankless job.As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic products, every time Apple sells a mobile phone, all that is involved is the brainstorming of the designers, and thousands of parts and components of upstream and downstream operations.Business synergy.Jobs can only be responsible for the former. He turned Apple from a technology-led company into a design-led company. This is both Apple’s luck and its misfortune.In fact, even at the most publicly skeptical moments, Apple’s R&D and design teams did not change significantly compared to the Jobs era.In order to ensure the efficiency of communication, Jonny Ivey’s design team has been maintained at a scale of about 20 people, which is almost indistinguishable from the design team of Samsung’s 1,600 people next door.Among them, it is not difficult to see that Cook’s ruthlessness – to some extent, the CEO, the Apple’s development team and the Apple team that subverted the smartphone market in that year is almost in the same line, the only difference is the era.In fact, this is the key to Apple’s “taste” in the eyes of some people.03 As the first generation of Apple’s “godfather”, Steve Jobs’s label is not only simple “innovation” and “paranoia”, “subversive” is also the evaluation given to him by this industry.People who have experienced that era will not forget that after browsing the flip phone of a counter, they suddenly saw the shocking impression of the iPhone. As the “killer” that Apple has secretly developed over the years, the iPhone 4 was almost completely beaten.The chaos of the old generation of mobile phone manufacturers to stifle the layout of the competition, and opened an era that only belongs to “smart phones.”This kind of behavior that does not conform to the “squatting table” requires not only courage and discouragement, but more importantly, the external factors that require the “bare feet” of the table, as Comrade Lenin said, the most revolutionary is always proletarian.class.As the newcomer of the world’s mobile phone manufacturers that year, in front of Apple, there are a number of veteran giants such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, etc. For the apples that are waiting for admission, the old table will be paralyzed.There is no loss anyway.Today, different days, today’s Apple, along with the increasing sales, has become one of the main talkers on this table. It is hoped that this time it will come back to an industry “subversion”, which is undoubtedly uncut.Actual.This is not the dilemma of Apple’s company. After the famous chip design companies Intel and Nvidia control the majority of the market, the speed of product replacement has become the “squeezing toothpaste”.In essence, for companies that lose their competitive environment, what they need more is always stable. Only when they are in a weak position in the industry, subversion and change have a certain rationality.After all, it’s not that every business manager has the courage to try to create a new product that will make his old products unsalable.Except Jobs.As a well-deserved monk in the IT industry, Steve Jobs’s life perfectly explains the true meaning of “initiating madness and even playing.”Once, he was quite appreciative of Professor Clayton Christensen who made such a prediction that no matter what good products Apple made, one day, they would encounter a crisis.As the “innovator’s dilemma” theory states, people who invent a thing are often the ones who see the end at the latest.For this fatal curse, Jobs’ choice is to get out of the market ahead of time.To this end, Apple, which started as a computer, switched to an iPod when the business started, and launched the iPhone when the iPod got better, completely cutting off all the MP3s including its own products.After the iPhone sold historical data, it seems that in order to show the positioning of smart phones like the world, they switched to iPad.For a full decade, thanks to this strategy, Apple has never met a real opponent – ​​before any opponent in any field grows up, they have opened up a new continent and gracefully exit.In the process, the development route that took around and the astounding speeches of Jobs also earned them the reputation of “brave innovation”.04 If you can choose, Cook may want to be a myth like Jobs.Regrettably, however, myths are often doomed to only one.At the beginning of the succession, Cook also tried to follow the strategy of Steve Jobs and continue to develop new markets. However, the response of the Apple Watch, which has been devoted to many years of hard work, is like a slap in the face, telling him that “this road is not feasible.”In desperation, Cook had to change Apple’s development strategy, from the past multi-point flowering to the death insurance iPhone, and gradually drifted away on this road, and eventually became the “most hated person”.Few people know that this company, which was squandered by the public at the press conference last year, once smashed the “$999” price card in front of everyone, saying, “We want as much as possible.”People use it.” Since October 2000, Apple has published a form that is less than half a page long every three months, telling people: How many products we sold and how much we earned this quarter.The glorious tradition of this corporate history was also abolished indefinitely on the absurd grounds of “selling a lot of products that did not reflect the power of our business” at last year’s earnings conference.What is even more embarrassing is that at the press conference of iPad2, Jobs also smashed competitor Samsung for the same reason: “If you sell well, why don’t you dare to say it?” “Why don’t you…”,This has also become a fixed sentence of fruit powder, which is unfortunate and angered. However, beyond that, Apple, which has been sung for eight years, is still one of the best high-tech companies in the world.In the past six months, the market value of the shocks they have experienced has slowly recovered and began to re-enter the high point.In the words of Sony’s former CEO Akio Morita, Apple’s myth has not been shattered, but the classical era of relying on outstanding products to maintain the core competitiveness of the company is over.Just like people, no business can always be young, and always tears.Perhaps after all the dust settles, people will suddenly remember that the iPhone is still one of the best mobile phones in the world. Although it has been imitated by various brands, there has never been a product that can truly surpass it.In the eight years after the initial iPhone interview, the domestic brands still maintain a certain gap with the design details such as Caton and vibration.Beyond that, despite the endless stream of data, people’s discussion and attention to iPone is declining year by year, but at the moment I knocked on these characters, the discussion on the microblog topic list is still firmly on the Apple conference.Take the top spot.With the end of this conference, it is foreseeable that at least half a month in the future, the aesthetic problem of the new iPhone Yuba camera, the iPhone compared to the cost-effectiveness of the domestic mobile phone, or even buy the iPhone is not pureIn order to show off other topics, it will continue to fertilize on major social media platforms.In a way, compared to the criticism of “insufficient innovation”, this is more like the “original sin” of Apple in the Cook era – as a company that focuses on the high-end market, its products illuminate the country’s rapid growth.Behind the economic figures, there are strict barriers between the various classes.(End)* This article only represents the author’s personal opinion.