The front line | Hit the car of the Apple conference, OPPO launched the Reno2 domestic version on the same day

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OPPO is bold, but will launch the Reno2 domestic version in Shanghai on the same day as the Apple conference.As early as the Shanghai conference, Reno has released 2 generations of products in India, which is the first time OPPO has launched its own mid-end flagship series in overseas markets.In the domestic press conference, the venue can also see a lot of foreign media.OPPO’s ambition to become an international brand has already revealed its clues.Just last month, OPPO announced a drastic structural adjustment: no longer distinguish between domestic and overseas, unified into a global market.Formerly responsible for overseas and domestic Wu Qiang and Shen Yiren, they became the heads of global sales lines and marketing lines.Previous OPPOs have different product lines in various markets. For example, India’s F series is actually a “variant” of the domestic R series.Reno is a global trademark.In India, Reno2 clearly focuses on the high-end market, with high configuration and high prices.48 million IMX586 four cameras, support 20x zoom, Qualcomm i 骁 730G processor, screen fingerprint unlock, 6.5-inch AMOLED screen and 4000 mAh battery, the price is as high as 36,990 rupees, about 515 US dollars.Choosing to launch overseas and attacking Samsung and Apple’s territory is a natural strategy for OPPO’s global brand strategy.Moreover, India’s mid-to-high-end aircraft competition is far less intense than domestic ones. India’s main models are all below $200, and players in the price range above 30,000 rupees, in addition to Samsung, Apple and domestic ones.A global chess game, although it can focus more on firepower to make a brand, but the question that comes with it is how to adapt to the product definition according to different markets.“The strategy is global, and the application is adapted to the local strategy.” Wu Qian, president of OPPO Global Sales, said in an interview with the media.The flagship version is on the hardware, the domestic version and the Indian version are not much different. In terms of software optimization, both the domestic and overseas are equipped with “polar night mode” and “Ultra Steady” anti-shake.The difference is that India has cheaper Reno 2Z and Reno 2F.It can be seen that Reno is still looking for his own rhythm.Reno’s first-generation product released in China is very high-profile. The main push is a 10-fold zoom version of around 4,000 yuan, and the P30 is in court.It also made the outside world think that OPPO also walked up the high-end dual flagship route like Huawei.However, the 2nd generation 8+128G is priced at 2,999 yuan, and the Pro version has not yet been released.In China, this is obviously a mid-range machine.However, the mainland’s mid-range machine market is already saturated, and the configuration has long been rising, and even the thousand-yuan machine has taken four photos of 64 million pixels.In India, it is a high-end configuration, but it is commonplace in China.The domestic market facing Reno is much more brutal than India.The mid-end market used to be the world of “blue and green factories”.OPPO’s star product R series price is 2500-3500 yuan, generally releasing a new machine in one year, playing the “explosion” route.At its peak, R9 broke through 20 million sales.The era of “blue and green two factories” occupying the mid-end mobile phone market is no longer difficult to replicate.Glory, Huawei, and Xiaomi have products that are stuck in this price segment, especially Huawei’s nova series. From the beginning of its birth, it was a close fight with OV. It is almost a re-enactment of OV celebrity endorsement + variety title + offline channel promotion.The number of roads.Reno’s current product quantity is still not contending.However, according to Shen Yiren at the press conference, Reno’s new series Ace will be launched in October.This is really a competitive situation that makes everyone feel painful. The situation is compelling. OPPO will inevitably adjust the positioning and marketing route of the brand, and naturally need the strategy of the next stage of Reno.Unlike the R series, according to Shen Yiren’s interview, one of Reno’s main elements is design, and optimization will be done on some software experiences.At present, Reno has not used celebrity endorsements, and the major variety titles are rarely seen.Stop the star R series, do Reno from scratch, OPPO bears a lot of risks.This is the transformational pain that OPPO must experience.”In order to upgrade the brand, we must abandon what we see.” Wu Qiang said.For this company that has been around for 10 years, it is now another key turning point.Before the arrival of 5G, whether Reno can create a hot explosion in the streets and lanes will determine its fate in the 5G change tide.(The picture is from the official).