Technology God Reply | iPhone 11 costs down but Apple did not intend to cut prices, oh!


Apple admitted to violating China’s labor law and producing too many temporary workers for the iPhone; Yu Chengdong: If Google services are not available, Huawei P40 will launch the Hongmeng system… In the evening, look back at the news of the technology news and netizens who should not be missed.Exposure to iPhone11 costs have dropped, but Apple did not intend to cut prices so that iPhone 11 has already entered the stocking period. According to supply chain news, this year’s iPhone 11 has dropped 10% in production costs, mainly because the new machine is very similar to last year’s model.At least 70% of the internal design is the same.But the cost of the more than 400 bucks saved from the supply chain, Apple did not intend to give benefits to consumers.The JP Morgan Chase report also showed that Apple has successfully reduced the cost of the iPhone 11 by 12% in order to offset the impact of December tariffs.However, the result of this cost reduction, in addition to offsetting tariffs, Apple can still benefit a [email protected]衣衣: Apple seems to have not brought us surprises for a long [email protected]张小尘: Is my lack of 400 dollars???What I am missing is the 10,[email protected]嘉丶乐: I have no plans to buy it.New research: playing with a mobile phone is more harmful to women’s cervical spine because it is shorter than the male neck. According to a study published by the University of Arkansas on September 3 in Clinical Anatomy, women are more likely to have cervical vertebrae than men.Because the neck bends even more.Therefore, remind the low-headed people to play electronic devices to change [email protected]: I was so scared that I immediately raised my [email protected]宝藏女孩: When I saw this title, I lifted my neck [email protected] predecessor is: Suggestion: Look up and play with your phone.Apple admits violation of Chinese labor law, production of iPhone use too much temporary work According to Bloomberg News, Apple and its manufacturer Foxconn admitted to violating Chinese labor law, because of the use of too many temporary workers in the production of iPhone.Earlier, China Labor Watch reported that Apple violated Chinese labor laws.The non-profit organization conducted an investigation into the working conditions of Apple’s Chinese factory, claiming that Foxconn had violated labor [email protected]阿尔法栗子: The Chinese local Internet company is still at [email protected]快乐集: Admit, [email protected]靓仔孟奇: The factory wants to reduce costs, workers want to make money in a short period of time, and the intermediary is one.Yu Chengdong: If the Google service is not available, Huawei P40 or the first Hongmeng system Yu Chengdong said in an interview with IFA that the Hongmeng system is basically ready, but will not use it first, because it also takes into account relevant decisions and cooperation.If the mobile phone continues to be not allowed to use Google services, it will consider using the Hongmeng system, so the first mobile phone product equipped with Hongmeng system may be the Huawei P40 released in March next [email protected]: So far, all the big words that have been said in the past five years have been realized. The attention is all, according to the probabilistic analysis, this time the big story is more than 90% @给你的星星:AndroidTo be finished, the Android system is no one to use, Google panic is not panic @卧卧云海睡犹酣: Hong Mao Jiji + Mengniu, the taste is [email protected]橘家小甜: I don’t believe it, we all want to open our eyes.Japan introduced China’s two-dimensional code technology: to solve the labor shortage, launched the unmanned store QR code invented in Japan, and carried forward in China, and now Japan began to introduce Chinese QR code application technology.On September 2nd, NTT Data announced that it has cooperated with Shanghai Yunna Technology to provide unmanned store services to convenience stores, pharmacies and other retailers, and plans to deploy to 1,000 stores by 2022.Japanese media said that in recent years, more and more Japanese companies tend to adopt cutting-edge technology from China and other Asian [email protected]: The originator of the two-dimensional code – Japan, the introduction of China’s two-dimensional code, the teacher and the long-term skills to [email protected]一鸟: Why do you feel that this technology is reasonable in Japan? The society is orderly, the general society is afraid, and the labor force is also short. It is too [email protected]一眼的意人: I thought that Japan has already started using QR code.What are the hot events in the tech circle today? Do you want to vomit?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below, the excellent God reply will appear in the next article~