Forefront | Yu Chengdong: If Google services are disabled, Huawei P40 or Hongmeng system

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Hongmeng system may enter the mobile phone early next year.Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, said in an interview with IFA (Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show) that Hongmeng System is basically ready, but considering that cooperation with Google will not be used first, but if Huawei mobile phone continues to disable Google service, HuaweiWill consider using the Hongmeng system.The first mobile phone equipped with Hongmeng system may be the Huawei P40 released in March next year.P series is Huawei’s high-end flagship machine.If Huawei P40 uses Hongmeng system, this will become the only mainstream flagship machine in the mobile phone market next year that does not use Android or iOS.The current Hongmeng system has three cores built in, including Hongmeng Microkernel, Lite OS, and Linux kernel. It is mainly for IoT devices, but it is also compatible with Android applications and Web applications, and can be adapted to mobile phones.Yu Chengdong, IFA, said in an interview that it has now begun to allow developers to migrate Android applications to Hongmeng, and mainstream applications will soon run on Hongmeng.Before Yu Chengdong said that the workload of developers moving from Android to Hongmeng is very small, only one or two days.In the previous article, 36氪 analyzed that if Huawei uses Hongmeng system on mobile phones, the domestic market may complete a smooth migration, but without the support of Google GMS, Huawei will encounter some resistance in overseas markets.Google Mail, Maps, YouTube, Google Play (Google App Store) are mostly high-frequency applications for overseas users, and Huawei needs to find alternatives to these applications.If there is no GMS package, Huawei can only choose between Android-based EMUI (Huawei’s mobile phone system used in the domestic market) and Hongmeng system.The Mate 30, which will be released this month, is the first Huawei phone that cannot use GMS Android. It will be pre-installed with the EMUI 10.0 system.In fact, the latest EMUI 10 and Hongmeng system have many similarities. In addition to retaining the Linux Android kernel, EMUI 10 can be said to be equivalent to half a million.Therefore, under the premise of the GMS package being disabled, once Hong Meng is ready to mature, it is logical to use it on the mobile phone.At present, Huawei has only applied the Hongmeng system to the glory and wisdom screen.Hongmeng is still not perfect, and the software supported is still limited.On the day of August 10th, there were only more than 100 apps in the Glory Smart Screen App Store. In addition to several major video software, there are only TV Taobao and Keep.Not long ago, according to US technology media Digitaltrends, Peter Gauden, senior global product manager at Huawei, said that the Hongmen system may also appear on smart watches and laptops sold outside China.Huawei’s previously released smart watches have been equipped with Lite OS, and the transition to the Hongmeng core is a smooth success.The Watch GT 2 may be equipped with the Hongmeng system, which will be released at the Huawei New Product Launch Conference on September 19.Carrying the Hungmon challenge on a laptop is much bigger.The major PC makers other than Apple are equipped with Windows systems, which have formed an almost unbreakable user stickiness.At the same time, Huawei’s share of the notebook market is not large, and it is very difficult for developers to develop applications for their new systems.