Facebook is on the line in the United States, Microsoft AI becomes the Mahjong champion!


Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Silicon Valley Insight” (ID: guigudiyixian), author Silicon Valley Insight, 36 氪 authorized release.Hello everyone, I’m going to meet you again in the week!This week’s hot news is very interesting. Facebook’s official online dating feature has brought the gospel to the majority of single youth. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence has become a leader in the mahjong world?!There are also various new features of major companies on the line, in addition, in the insurance field, blockchain field has also appeared the latest industry trends!Let’s take a look at the big company Google Open Source’s differentiated privacy library, providing an analysis tool that highly guarantees individual privacy. On September 5th, US released a differentiated privacy library used in some core products (such as Google Maps).The open source version, any organization or developer can view the library on GitHub.Differentiated privacy means that any individual or organization can learn or statistically analyze from big data, but does not allow individual data in these big data to be distinguished or re-identified.Whether it is a city planner, a small business owner, or a software developer, you may want to get relevant information from citizens, customers, or users’ data, but you don’t want to invade your privacy and lose trust in the process.For example, if you are a health researcher and you may want to compare the average time a patient is admitted to a different hospital to determine if there is a difference in care, then you may use a large amount of patient data, and the algorithm for differentiating the privacy library isAllowing you to use group data, but restricting you to distinguish or modify individual patient information in the statistical database is a highly analytical means of ensuring personal privacy.Microsoft’s Suphx AI beat the top mahjong players, mahjong masters want to go over it with it?On Thursday, Microsoft detailed a new artificial intelligence system – Super Phoenix, referred to as Suphx, saying the system can win the championship in other players in the Mahjong game.Researchers say that mahjong is actually a game with imperfect information. It is more complicated than other board games. The gameplay is both art and science.A good mahjong player relies on a combination of observation, intuition, strategy, calculation and opportunity.This kind of gameplay brings unique challenges to artificial intelligence systems.The team conducted a four-month confrontation study on Tenhou, a global online mahjong competition platform in Japan. Suphx quickly formed its own game style, learned attacks and defenses, and strategically weighed short-term losses and long-term gains.And make decisions with fuzzy data, demonstrating expert-level skills after 5,000 games.It has recently become the first artificial intelligence to appear in Tenhou’s 10-segment rankings, and currently only 180 of the 300,000 players worldwide are in that position.It is said that the master is in the folk, it seems that Microsoft’s super phoenix should come to China to find a mahjong opponent!Facebook’s Dating service is officially launched in the US, so come and find someone!Since last year, Facebook has opened the Dating function in more than 10 countries including Malaysia and Singapore. This feature is finally available in the US on Thursday!The new feature is called “Secret Crush”. Users only need to create their own account on this feature of the Facebook, and indicate their location and preferences for the other half. Facebook will help you find the right people around you. You canChoose from it to create a “dark love” list.If the person in this list just puts you in his list, then the system will inform you that the pairing is successful!The biggest difference and innovation of Facebook in other dating software is that it can connect users according to activities or events, and closely integrate with Events on facekook.It also supports dating accounts and programs such as Instagram and Whatsapp.After Facebook announced the news, shares of Match Group (MTCH), a dating service company that includes Tinder and Match, fell as much as 6% in early trading on Thursday.I heard that this feature has achieved good response in other regions, and single youths are not rushing to take action~ Microsoft acquired cloud migration startup Movere to help the company transition to Azure cloud platform Microsoft today announced the acquisition of cloud migration startup Movere.Microsoft will use the deal to help customers migrate their existing applications and infrastructure to Azure, helping the company transform its business.Movere was originally launched as a consulting firm called Unified Logic in 2008, but after the founder himself encountered a cloud migration problem, he transformed into a business intelligence platform that accurately presented the entire IT environment around 2014, allowing the company toThe development of the organization, change and optimization have controllability to the macro environment.This startup has been a Microsoft partner for more than a decade.Microsoft believes that Movere’s innovative discovery and evaluation capabilities will complement Azure Migrate and Microsoft integration partners’ solutions to make migration easier.This is the 11th acquisition of Microsoft in 2019.In recent months, the company has made two more Azure-related acquisitions, acquired Blue Talon in July, and acquired jClarity in August.The company’s cloud service reached the sum of all other businesses (including traditional software licenses and hardware services) for the first time in the last quarter.For the first time, Apple Music has launched a beta version on the web side. Streaming services are further enhanced. Apple today launched a public beta version of the web-based popular streaming media service for all Apple Music users worldwide.This is the first time Apple Music has officially released on the web, although the unofficial applications of the past few months have attracted attention after attracting hundreds of thousands of users.To use the new Apple Music Web Edition, subscribers can log in to the link and log in with their Apple ID.The service includes many core features such as searching and playing songs in the Apple Music catalog, searching and playing songs in the library (if Sync Library is enabled), accessing playlists, and more.All major parts of the Apple Music App will also be available, including Library, Search, For You, Browse and Radio.Other features will be available later.The Web version is now one of several ways Apple has made its music service easier to access across platforms.The service is available as an app for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac.In this year’s WWDC 2019 event, Apple announced plans to remove iTunes on the Mac, making Music a standalone app with access to downloads, Library content and Apple Music’s streaming services.Apple Music is also available for non-Apple platforms such as Android, Windows, Sonos and Amazon Echo.Startup company Softaround’s startup startup Getaround announced a $200 million financing Getaround, a shared car company that will enter the Unicorn Club with approximately $200 million in equity financing.According to estimates provided by PitchBook, the deal will make the company founded in 2009 worth $1.7 billion.This is the first news after the company acquired Paris car sharing startup Drivy for $300 million.Getaround completed the D round of financing last year, led by Softbank, and Toyota followed.The company allows its approximately 200,000 members to rent and unlock vehicles from mobile phones for $5 per hour.The company has so far raised more than $600 million in equity financing.Getaround is expected to use financing to enter the international market.In fact, the company has entered France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium and the United Kingdom, operating under the brand name “Drivy by Getaround” and operating under the “Nabobil” brand in Norway.The company originally launched a car sharing service in 2011, and people can rent it on the Getaround market for $500 to $1,000 a month, depending on the frequency of car rental.However, since Getaround entered the market, many competitors already have similar business models.For example, both Turo and Maven are further expanding the car rental market with the support of top venture capital funds.Industry What is the next industry favored by VCs?Insurance According to The Wall Street Journal, Prudential Financial, 144, the nation’s largest life insurance company, announced on the 5th that it would acquire Asurance IQ, a startup company, for $2.35 billion, indicating that the traditional insurance company wants to reach more on the Internet.Digital customer.Assurance IQ is an online startup that sells a variety of life, health, and auto insurance.Evaluate requirements through data science and machine learning to help customers select affordable products and speed up the application process.Customers can purchase directly online or send their needs to offline agents.For traditional insurance finance giants like Prudential, it is obviously very attractive.Prudential said that if Assurance IQ meets certain growth targets, it will provide up to $1.15 billion in additional cash and equity.Fortune believes that the insurance industry is currently “appetizing” for many investors.According to CB Insights data, global insurance technology investment reached US$4.15 billion in 2018, and more large funds and transactions are expected.How do Americans view facial recognition technology?Trust law enforcement agencies, do not trust big companies ZAO Is this app used by everyone?A Pew Research Center study on Thursday found that 56% of US respondents said they trusted law enforcement to use facial recognition technology responsibly.But at the same time, Americans are skeptical about companies that use facial recognition software: only 36% say trust technology companies can use it responsibly, while a lower percentage (17%) say they trust it.The advertiser of the technology.This is the conclusion of the Pew Research Center survey of more than 4,000 representative samples of American adults in June this year.In the past few years, face recognition technology has become more and more mature, like Apple has used Face ID as a security measure to unlock smartphones, and Facebook relies on it to automatically identify people in photos.Amazon has also been trying to sell the technology to law enforcement to fight crime.However, the public is full of doubts about the ability of technology companies to protect user data.After all, many technology giants have faced major privacy mistakes in recent years, including Facebook, Yotube and many other big companies.What do you think about the privacy violations that may be involved in face changing and face recognition?A16z secretly “lobes” the US government to relax on cryptocurrency regulation According to The Wall Street Journal, top venture capital Andreessen Horowitz (A16z) held a secret event in May this year, inviting the US Treasury, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and its encryptionHigh-level participation in the currency portfolio.Who attended this informal meeting?Participants reported that J. Christopher Giancarlo, chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Sigal Mandelker, deputy finance minister for terrorism and financial intelligence; William Hinman, director of the financial department of the US Securities and Exchange Commission; and the Attorney General’s Internet and Technology Bureau of New YorkDirector Kim Berger et al.According to reports, A16z tried to convince Washington officials to loosen the regulation of cryptocurrency, but the US Treasury Vice Minister said at the meeting that cryptocurrency companies still need to constantly improve to comply with anti-money laundering rules.A16z has invested in a range of blockchain startups, including MakerDAO, cryptocurrency hosting provider Anchorage, and blockchain cloud computing company Oasis Labs.The most important recent project is Facebook’s release of its cryptocurrency project Libra..