What is ZAO, take a look at the world’s first adult website Pornhub’s face change history


Editor’s Note: This article is from Baiziwan Golden Phoenix, author Philex Chen, 36氪 authorized to publish.ZAO is indeed “something.”Users only need to upload a personal photo to replace the main character image in the classic film bridge with themselves.From meticulous to almost real effect, a round of carnival was launched on various social platforms: The first public release was released in less than 24 hours, and ZAO was on the iOS free list second, rushing into the top ten of Weibo.Andy Warhol once said that everyone in the future has a 15 minute chance to become famous, and ZAO has been shortened to 15 seconds.But after the carnival, someone found the trick behind it.To be “famous”, you must agree to ZAO’s default user agreement: “Agree or ensure that the portrait owner agrees to grant ‘ZAO’ and its affiliates completely free, irrevocable, permanent, licensable and licensable worldwide.Right. In other words, once the user uploads their own face-changing video, they can’t delete the photos inside, and they will be rushing into the tide.In the face of overwhelming questions, ZAO did two things: modified the User Agreement, and then said dryly that “ZAO does not store personal facial biometric features and information”, “using ZAO does not create payment risk”… balabala.The final response is nothing more than “the thief does not catch up and does not admit that he has stolen things.”This reminds me of a positive event at the end of last year.In December last year, Starbucks announced that all stores Wi-Fi will actively block adult content.As for the reason, NSFW content may be part of the comparison of waste paper.As soon as the announcement came out, Charlie Hughes, vice president of the adult website YouPorn, responded directly to the internal full mail, requesting that Starbucks products be brought into the company from 2019.Yes, the cups are not allowed.In the face of the “black-and-white” of the childish ghosts, Pornhub did not know where to go.They proactively launched the SFW content section based on games, music and more.Corey Price, vice president of operations at Pornhub, said: “In order to comply with Starbucks’ new policy, we have created a new option that allows fans to still enjoy the quality content they are used to, and of course the content is suitable for viewing in public places.”change.Pornhub gave another class to young people.In fact, aside from jokes, Pornhub has considerable reference value in the general operation of ZAO’s roller coaster.Pornhub is one of the most important starting points for this wave of “global face-changing panic”. By combing “Pornhub’s face-changing history”, it may be possible to avoid the next “ZAO-style tragedy”.Opening of Pandora’s Box At the end of 2017, a user named deepfakes uploaded an adult short film starring “Galaxy” starring Gail Gadot on the social platform and published the relevant code. Pandora’s BoxThis is opened.Not just Gael Gadrow, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, and McMillan Williams (Alice, the second daughter of the Stark family in The Game of Rights and Games)· Stark) failed to escape the “claw” of deepfakes.In fact, it is not uncommon to change your face before this.As early as the “Forrest Gump” released in 1994, “artificial Kennedy” appeared.And “Speed ​​and Passion 7” is the resurrection of Paul Walker’s death.But for ordinary people, motion capture, CG special effects need to use a lot of high-performance computer gameplay is naturally impossible, high time and money costs, for the “face-changing adult film” is undoubtedly a cannon to fight mosquitoes.But the emergence of deepfakes has changed this.In an interview with technology board Motherboard, deepfakes said that it does not focus on AI technology, but a programmer interested in machine learning. The software technology is based on open source platforms such as TensorFlow and Keras, while video material comes from Youtube and Google Images.Search, open gallery, etc.A deepfakes called “deepfakeapp” “loyal audience” was fed up and directly packaged the relevant code software published by deepfakes into a fool-like tool FakeApp.You only need a computer with Nvidia GPU, 3~4GB of storage space, and ordinary people can also make face-changing adult movies.The “FakeApp” entry on Wikipedia is described as: FakeApp is a community-developed desktop application that runs without the need to install programming languages ​​such as Python and Tensorflow and open source software libraries, but requires a high-performance GPU supported by CUDA.In order to run smoothly.It doesn’t matter if the user doesn’t have the right GPU, rent this GPU through Google Cloud Services.Deepfakeapp says: As long as one or two high-definition videos of the target person, 8 to 12 hours can complete a face-changing adult movie.For a time, many ‘wolf friends’ participated in it, and the face-changing adult film even broke away from the category of hobbies and spoofs, and became a tool no different from sneak shots. The incident gradually deviated from the track to the direction of porn revenge.Whether it’s catching the eye with the “outflow” banner, or insisting on the “technical exchange” feelings, these self-contained adult videos from Reddit fire to Pornhub, GIF and short video sharing site Gfycat, the public opinion is suddenly lost.Reddit immediately closed the deepfakes forum, and various content and social platforms have said that they will clean up the content.Pornhub’s helplessness In February last year, Pornhub issued a statement on Motherboard: “This site does not tolerate any involuntary content. Involuntary content directly violates our Terms of Use, which prohibits revenge porn, deepfakes, and anyThe content agreed or allowed to be uploaded.” Poryhub Vice President of Operations Corey Price said in an interview with Mashable that “there are already users who have marked “Deepfakes” on the content. Once they encounter such signs, we will immediately remove them.We encourage anyone who has encountered this type of problem to log in to our content removal page so that they can formally request it.” After two months, the US media Buzzfeed reported that there are still more than 70 parts on the Pornhub platform that use deepfake.The make-up adult movie can be played, and the “protagonist” includes the faces of stars such as Taylor Swift.Last September, Google also added a blocking option for “involuntary synthetic porn videos” in its search engine list.However, it seems that it has not stopped the spread of such content.Obviously, the Pandora’s Box that opened is hard to close.According to official Pornhub data, the total number of visitors reached 33.5 billion in 2018, with an average of 92 million visitors per day; they uploaded a total of 4.79 million videos and consumed 4403 PB of traffic.Compared with Pornhub’s huge volume, it is not bad to be able to control the face-changing video within two digits.The outside world seems to have not blamed too much on Pornhub. In fact, the business against deepfakes is not only difficult to support by one or two companies, but even with its high difficulty and wide range of influence, it is gradually becoming a business.For example, Truepic, which received $8 million in Series A financing in June last year, quickly embarked on commercial track after changing face-to-face content. It is an app that provides image verification services based on blockchain technology.After taking the photo and uploading it to the server, the system will verify whether the photo has been changed, and add watermarks with nearly 20 metadata such as time stamp, geocoding, etc., and then assign a cryptographic signature to the public blockchain toMake sure it cannot be modified.Self-certification innocence with “pre-backup” is the logic of Truepic.On the other hand, despite the “original sin” of pornography from birth, Pornhub not only did not encounter the difficulties of ZAO today, but also faintly went further and further on the road of “respected companies”.At this stage, Pornhub seems to be the best-selling company when new technologies such as AI have an impact on mainstream values.Technology flow, social wind vane and public welfare pioneer are also the public opinion storm caused by AI. They also face the loss of legal and moral factors, but the precipitation of Pornhub in another dimension plays a role as a lubricant among the public.We summarize it into three areas: technology flow, social vane, and charity pioneer.Let me talk about the technical flow first.In October 2017, Pornhub announced the launch of an AI system that can identify the artists in the film through machine learning, mark them according to their physical characteristics, film scenes, and then accurately recommend them based on algorithms.In addition to improving the accuracy of content recommendation with AI, Pornhub announced the launch of the VR channel in 2016, and the following year launched a new video category: interactive.As the name implies, users can truly “free their hands” by connecting the toys of Pornhub partners to their computers.In order to protect the privacy of users, Pornhub switched to https encryption in 2017, even before many domestic Internet giants; not just browsing, last year, Pornhub also started support for digital cryptocurrency payments.In other words, Pornhub, in Montreal, Canada, has long since started to “recognize” with Silicon Valley and has established its own “technical design”.On the other hand, Pornhub is also known as the “modern “Golden Sexuality Report””, which has become a social and cultural vane.Like Google’s annual search report at the end of each year, Pornhub, the “adult Youtube”, will also reflect in the form of an annual report that “old drivers” were “good” last year.In 2018, for example, the number of visits has reached 33.5 billion times, an increase of 5 billion times compared with the previous year.In other words, on average, 63,000 users in the world have 57,000 searches in Pornhub and more than 200,000 videos.In response to taste, users in the US, Europe and Australia and New Zealand love Lesbian (lesbian), East Asia loves Hentai (perverted, secondary related, such as anime or Cosplay); users in central, western and southern Africa”Black (Ebony)” is more interested… Pornnhub’s data can even reflect the more authentic side of human nature.At 8:07 am on January 13, 2018, the notification center of all Hawaiian residents’ mobile phones popped up a message: “Alarm: Ballistic missiles hit Hawaii and immediately search for shelters. This is not an exercise.” Instantly, Pornhub’s traffic in HawaiiFall into the bottom.About 15 minutes after the alarm was lifted, people came back home to celebrate the rest of the life, and Pornhub’s traffic reached a peak of about 1.5 times the average number of visits.The huge amount of data gives Pornhub a hot spot and gives the outside world a glimpse of the popular culture trend driven by hormones.For example, after the release of “Reunification 4” in April this year, Pornhub quickly launched a search volume list.The list shows that the number of users searching for “re-link” has risen by 2,921% compared with April 16th: the data reflects people’s “not to say, but the body is very honest”, almost criticized by people all over the world.The surprise captain who did not meet expectations, but the first of the most popular “Reunification 4” role TOP10: Another charity pioneer.Unlike many ways to save money directly, Pornhub is more inclined to start from his own business.For example, not only through the design details of the shortcut keys, but also the automatic zooming, the visually impaired users and even the blind people can also smoothly access the website; and even provide voice explanation video content.For the hearing impaired, Pornhub has prepared subtitles.In 2015, smart wearable devices began to become a consumer electronics trend, and Pornhub also launched a bracelet called wankband.Pornhub said that when a user watches a video and “shakes his arm,” the bracelet automatically generates and stores power to power itself.Pornhub even extended the range of love from the “sexual blessing” of people to the panda.In order to help male pandas to enhance their sexual desire, Pornhub launched the “Panda Challenge” in April 2017. Participants only need to put a “Panda Suit” to shoot a “Panda Sex Movie” and upload it to the special category “Panda Style”..Pornhub will pay $100 for each uploaded “cat film” and donate 5 million page views to the giant panda research at a price of 1 cent for 1 visit.The videos under this category will also be handed over to zoologists for them to play for male pandas.Conclusion In fact, “changing face” is just a small test of many new applications brought by AI.The follow-up of legal and ethical aspects is of utmost importance, but to a large extent they often only become “lower bounds”.In the fierce confrontation with popular culture, the complete and stereoscopic “personal design” similar to Pornhub may be the key link for “ZAOs” to reduce friction with users.The header image is from pexels.