Technology God Reply | Zhang Jiahui applied for the slag residue trademark, the next one is “chicken you are too beautiful”?


US media test: Some iPhones radiate beyond the safety limit; the three major operators will be 5G commercial on September 1st, and will not consider purchasing subsidies for the moment… In the evening, look back at the news of the technology news and netizens who are not to be missed.US media test: Some iPhone radiation exceeds safety limit The US Chicago Tribune recently investigated the RF radiation level of popular smartphones. In the test, the radiation level of various iPhones exceeded the legal safety limit, and the worst performance was iPhone.7, RF radiation exposure exceeds the legal limit, more than twice the number reported by Apple to the US federal [email protected]_: implies that iP7 users change [email protected]落叶丶一禅: Apple users hold the iPhone with this trembling hand… @永的CGV: Is this laying the groundwork for the September conference?Zhang Jiahui applied for the slag slag trademark. Recently, a screenshot of the “Z slag hui” trademark registration list was exposed by netizens. The picture shows that Zhang Jiahui suspected to apply for the full-category “Creslag” trademark, a total of 45 items.It is reported that the title of “slag slag” was first transmitted from a page advertisement that was endorsed by Zhang Jiahui. Zhang Jiahui was very similar to “slag slag” when he introduced himself in non-standard Chinese. Therefore, some netizens called him graciously.”Slag slag”[email protected]: Since he can’t get him, destroy him. If he can’t get rid of him, get [email protected]纸扎店老板娘: The next one is “Chicken you are too beautiful”[email protected]_思琳: People always laugh at me, so I think, just accept them some [email protected]晴川姐姐: You have not played a new version of the ship.Shared charging treasure big price increase: 1 yuan is gone, turned into 5 yuan, 8 yuan recently, there are consumer reactions, multiple shared charging treasure brands quietly increased prices.At present, the maximum charging standard for all brands to share charging treasure is 8 yuan / hour, mainly concentrated in scenic spots, ports and other places with large traffic, good location, but relatively difficult to enter or difficult to maintain; in most scenarios, the average rent of each brandFor 2-4 yuan / hour, and in the second half of last year, most brands are still priced at 1 yuan / [email protected]雪松: The price of shared charging treasure is too expensive to lose the meaning of sharing. Is it not good to buy one [email protected] most is a city: the wool is finished, and the picture is [email protected]一小奶狗哩: 8 blocks an hour, maybe two or three hours full, do you buy a charging treasure is not fragrant?The three major operators will be commercialized on September 1st, and will not consider the purchase subsidy. The three major operators will be commercializing 5G on September 1, but there is no news that the three major operators will purchase 5G.subsidy.At the recent China Unicom 2019 annual interim results conference, Wang Unichu, chairman of China Unicom, said that China Unicom has not considered subsidizing 5G mobile phones.The user can enter the 5G network by purchasing the mobile phone without changing the number without changing the card.China Mobile and China Telecom related people also said that there is no plan to subsidize users to purchase 5G mobile [email protected]好忧桑: I don’t want to experience 5g, 4g can not slow [email protected]爱萝莉: humble: 5g came, I have to buy a mobile [email protected]我是骑兵兵: I still licked my money for four wolves, hehe.What are the hot events in the tech circle today? Do you want to vomit?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below, the excellent God reply will appear in the next article~