Stealing, bundling consumer loans, freezing deposits… Beware of these “leis” behind ETC


Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Zhongxin Jingwei” (ID: jwview), author Fu Yumei, 36氪 authorized to publish.”Free delivery to you ETC, online application to home!” From this summer, the bank staff circle of friends has not yet disappeared, and the ETC battle behind it has also entered a white-hot stage.Under the tide, ETC has gradually exposed potential “minefields”, such as ETC “stolen brush” and “bundled consumer loans” and so on.In June 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport jointly issued a document clarifying the encouragement of banking institutions, non-bank payment institutions and Internet companies to work closely together; allowing ETC to bind existing bank accounts and payment accounts; supporting businessThe bank promotes the issuance of joint cards for loading transportation industry applications.ETC has thus become the slogan of various competitions. From offline business outlets to online mobile APPs, public numbers and small programs, banks, payment platforms, and UnionPay have joined the competition.The latest data from the Ministry of Transport shows that as of now, China’s ETC circulation has reached 10,696,400.In addition, the Ministry of Transport information shows that by the end of December 2019, the number of ETC users nationwide will exceed 180 million, the highway toll station will achieve full coverage of ETC, and the express rate of expressway no parking will reach over 90%.However, some car owners have recently reported that their ETC cards have been stolen.Some other car owners said that there were “bundled consumer loans” and “freezing deposits” when banks were handling ETC.The door-to-door pirate brush, the “two-in-one” card risk last month, Mr. Lu from Xi’an received a bank message, saying that the ETC card bound to the private car was swiped three times, totaling more than 2,000 yuan.After monitoring, Mr. Lu found that a man entered the neighborhood garage and scanned a multi-vehicle ETC device with a device.The card that he was stolen was placed on the ETC device in the car, and the secret payment function of less than one thousand yuan was used.Mr. Ding of Anshun City, Guizhou Province also encountered this situation.He said that he suddenly received a text message from the bank, saying that his ETC credit card had two consumptions of 998 yuan.He realized that his bank card was being stolen and immediately reported the loss.The monitoring of the underground parking lot showed that in the afternoon, two young men walked into the underground parking lot. They walked down and pretended to play with the mobile phone. After determining the target, they used the equipment on their hands to steal the ETC card in the car glass.According to media reports, such cases have occurred in many places in recent days.A bank staff member told Zhongxin Jingwei that the situation of stolen brushing was caused by the owner of the ETC card with financial functions.It is understood that there are currently three types of ETC pass cards circulating and issued on the market: the first is a single-use ETC card issued by the transportation industry, which does not have financial functions.The second type is the ETC billing card jointly issued by the transportation industry and the bank. Usually, it is associated with a debit card or credit card under the name of the owner, or a third-party account, and does not have financial functions. Therefore, both types of cards areThere is no risk of stealing.The ETC card with the risk of stealing is the third type. It belongs to the joint ETC bank card issued by the transportation industry and the bank. It has the financial function of ETC billing card function and bank deposit card or credit card, which can be used for credit card consumption.Known as the “two in one” card.In the above-mentioned stolen brush case, the owner of the car used this type of ETC card, and the “flash payment” and “small amount of confidentiality free sign-free” functions were opened. The transactions below 1,000 yuan can be directly paid.If the owner ETC card is not removed from the device, the device located on the window also provides the possibility to steal the brush.▲ How to prevent the risk of stolen brushing of ETC in the ETC in-vehicle device?The above staff pointed out that the “two in one” card is more than the early issue, and the recent ETC cards handled by the bank have become separate, and there is no “stolen brush”.Many bank staff interviewed by Zhongxin Jingwei also said that they have never been exposed to such “two in one” cards.One of the bank staff said that the current ETC card is only an electronic identification tag, does not have financial functions, and there is no risk of stealing.Such incidents have caused concern among many netizens.In Sina Weibo, the voting topic “ETC was emptied by more than 2,000 yuan” was created by Caijing. 65.6% of netizens thought that this was “a loophole in bank ETC”.”As a bank card service provider, banks should provide security for the security of bank cards themselves. It is a legal obligation to prevent the misappropriation of information such as cardholders’ information and passwords. If bank card users can provide monitoring records, the bank card system involved.If the bank is stolen, the bank should bear the corresponding liability for compensation.” Li, a lawyer of Bank of China Law Firm, said that Zhongxin Jingwei said.Dr. Pan and Lin of the Applied Economics of the China Academy of Fiscal Science believe that theft can not be completely attributed to ETC, nor can it be the reason for the impact of ETC.”In fact, as long as you pay attention to turning off the small-value secret-free and visa-free function, you can prevent theft of theft. However, when the banking institution handles the ETC with financial functions, it should be patiently reminded to the customer.” Pan and Lin said.Li Yi also suggested that try not to use the secret payment function, or to lower the function limit.In addition, when there are problems such as stolen brushes, pay attention to the evidence such as monitoring video at the first time, and promptly report the alarm.▲In the ETC card issued by a bank, the new Jingwei Fu Yumei photo expert: Bundled consumer credit is a violation of the rules in addition to the risk of fraud, in the ETC user competition, the strong presence of banks, UnionPay and major payment platforms has greatly improved ETCThe user’s convenience, and some “routines” have begun to emerge.Currently, the bank’s ETC business needs to bind the bank’s debit card or credit card.Some car owners said that when the bank used the debit card to handle the ETC business, the bank was forced to bundle consumer loans, and the annual interest rate was as high as 10%.”The debit card does not have an overdraft function. If the balance is insufficient and the deduction is unsuccessful, the bank will have to bear this part of the arrears. This method should be to avoid risks.” A bank person who asked not to be named expressed his intention to Zhongxin Jingwei..”In fact, you should seek customer consent in advance, or notify customers by SMS, etc.” The above bankers stressed.”Bundled consumer loans are illegal, of course not for ‘avoiding risks’, but for their own private, so banks will only lose customers.” Pan and Lin said.Also known by banks as “avoiding risks” is a frozen deposit. When some banks handle ETC business, if the user is tied up with a savings card, they must freeze a certain amount of deposit.”The frozen part of the money is unusable, just like the previous POS machine, but the current ‘equipment deposit’ is somewhat more like a ‘credit deposit’.” The banker said that when the user cancels the device and auditsOnce passed, this fee will be automatically returned to the user.It is understood that the amount of freezing of different banks with this operation is also different, mostly between 500-1000 yuan.Zhongxin Jingwei noticed that there were users on the Sina Black Cat Complaint Platform: “After the ETC application was submitted, it was found that the savings card was frozen for 500 yuan, but there was no hint at the previous one.” Li Yi pointed out that the bank must do this in this regard.The obligation to inform is to express the contents of the clause to the user and explain it at the request of the user.The user has the right to choose whether to sign a contract with the bank and enjoy follow-up services.Mr. Chen, the owner of the private car in Beijing, said, “I can understand the requirements of the margin, but compared with other payment platforms, the bank’s ETC freeze is too large.” On August 20, Alipay’s official Weibo issued a message saying that from todayUsers can apply for ETC free payment in the Alipay official small program.Relevant personnel said that they hope to let technology reduce risks and let credit replace deposits to provide users with a better experience.Previously, in order to guarantee the issuance, the user had to pay a deposit of 130 yuan for the ETC when handling ETC on Alipay.On WeChat, WeChat ETC assistants are required to pay a deposit of 99 yuan.Zhongxin Jingwei noted that most of the complaints about ETC on the Sina Black Cat complaint platform point to WeChat ETC assistants, including “delayed delivery” and “no refund”.On August 18th, China ETC service platform was officially launched to provide services.It is understood that car owners around the country can enter the ETC service area by paying attention to the official WeChat public number of the Ministry of Transport or using the State Council client small program to achieve free ETC online processing and offline delivery.In addition, the service platform will also add functions such as electronic tolls for expressway tolls in the future to meet the needs of expressway travel services.Insiders pointed out that with the improvement of the mechanism and the gradual implementation of policies, ETC will continue to upgrade in all aspects.“ETC technology has greatly improved the capacity of motor vehicles per unit time, reduced manual labor and reduced operating costs. At present, ETC may be just a non-stop charging function, and the future built-in electronic payment, multimedia terminal, map navigationThe application based on the operating system is bound to be more abundant, and will be extended from the relatively simple high-speed highway to the intelligent transportation field such as parking payment, illegal treatment, vehicle cleaning, and fast shopping.” Pan and Lin said to Zhongxin Jingwei.Under the feng shui, how to make users get the most assured and satisfactory service is indeed a problem that needs to be considered and solved in the later stages of major platforms.Note: The cover map and the lead graph are ETC posters at the entrance of a bank, and the new latitude and longitude of Zhang Yanzheng.