Comet Evening News | Tencent announced the game anchor certification program; Weilai Automobile will lay off 1,200 people in September; Lei Jun: The second 5G mobile phone will be launched in China


Tencent announced that the Tencent game anchor station announced on the Weibo game to announce the announcement of the game anchor certification plan. The announcement stated that the certification plan was initiated by Tencent Games and the first Tencent for the live content creators of the game.Official anchor support program.For outstanding creators who are willing to build content based on Tencent games for a long time, Tencent’s game anchor certification program will give official identity and exposure privileges, product privileges, activity privileges, and content privileges.US media test: Some iPhones have exceeded the safety limit. The iPhone 7 is the worst in the United States. The Chicago Tribune recently investigated the RF radiation levels of popular smartphones and found that some models of iPhone RF radiation exceeded the safety limit.The iPhone’s radiation level exceeds the legal safety limit, and the worst performer is the iPhone 7.The phone’s exposure to RF radiation exceeds the legal limit, which is more than twice the number reported by Apple to US federal regulators.In response, Apple issued a statement saying that the test was inaccurate because “the test setup did not meet the procedures required to properly evaluate the iPhone.”(Sina Technology) Weilai continues to lay off 1,200 people, and the No. 1 employee was adjusted to be on standby 36. The full-page email from Weilai shows that the company is still promoting the layoff plan and will continue to reduce 1,200 jobs worldwide.At the end of the month, 7,500 people were retained.In early August, Wei Li’s president Qin Lihong told the 36-year-old Auto Daily that the total number of employees in Weilai was more than 8,800, which was 1,000 fewer than the 9,800 employees at the highest number of employees.BOE is expected to be included in the list of Apple suppliers at the end of the year, depending on how many iPhones can be sold. It is reported that Apple is conducting a final stage test on BOE’s smartphone screen. Apple responded that the company declined to comment.However, IHS analyst Guo Zijiao said that if the progress is smooth, BOE is expected to supply to Apple next year. “When will BOE really mass production and shipment, and the specific production plan is still difficult to predict, because it depends on multipleFactors, including Apple’s sales next year and the stability of BOE’s own products. Currently both are unknown.” (First Financial) changed the world’s 52 companies: BYD, Ali, Baidu on the list recently, Fortune Chinese Network released 2019Change the list of 52 companies in the world, including Qualcomm, MasterCard and BYD.A total of three Chinese companies were on the list this year. Except for BYD, Alibaba ranked 37 and Baidu ranked 39.( Alipay officially announced that the small program and 蜻蜓Iot payment have been achieved through 36氪, and Alipay officially announced that the small program and 蜻蜓Iot payment have been opened, that is, the face payment, the electronic member, and the small program are connected in series as a complete link..Alipay related people said that this ability is effective in helping merchants to become members of new and sticky culture, which is six times the size of traditional mobile card opening.(Webmaster’s Home) Tesla Autopilot Software Responsible According to foreign media reports, after Tesla reorganized its autopilot team, the company’s autopilot system Autopilot head Stuart Bowers has resigned and moved to venture capital firmGreylock works.While at Tesla, Stuart was responsible for leading the Autopilot team and managing more than 100 engineers.Prior to this, he was a software executive at Snap.Technology companies join forces to protect cloud data, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu join US technology media GeekWire reported that Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Red Hat, IBM, Intel and other large technology companies have joined forces to enhance cloud securityTo protect data.The Linux Foundation announced that large technology companies will form the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC), which aims to set standards and frameworks, develop tools, and encrypt data.Current technology is mainly used to protect still data, not data in transit.(Sina Technology) Apple invested $6 billion, Apple TV+ or pricing $9.99 per month According to the well-known Apple blog Macrumors, Apple has spent more than $6 billion on its Apple TV+ streaming service, which will be launched later this year.TV shows and movies.In addition, according to Bloomberg News, Apple is considering pricing Apple TV+ for $9.99 a month, including a free trial.Apple’s goal is to officially launch Apple TV+ in November. The specific broadcast plan is still undetermined, but it plans to release three episodes of original TV programs once a week.(Interface) passed Samsung OEM to Qualcomm 5G chip scrapped, Qualcomm responded: fake news According to China Semiconductor Forum news, Samsung OEM Qualcomm 5G chip Snapdragon SDM7250, due to problems with yield, resulting in the retirement of all products, Samsung’s own processorThe same problem also occurs.According to the latest report of “Daily Economic News”, Qualcomm related sources said that the scrapping of 5G chips is a fake news, and the formal response is being coordinated.Lenovo launched the “Cool Company 30” program to help small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises transform Lenovo Group to launch the “Cool Company 30” program, claiming to recruit and screen the most representative science and technology enterprise Top 30, helping SMEs grow and achieve digital transformation and upgrading.The program was co-sponsored by Lenovo and Geek Park.Selected companies will become super-enterprise members, and Lenovo will provide hardware, open and compatible IT services, customized consulting and enterprise integration solutions.In addition, Lenovo also officially launched “corporate recruitment”, inviting more companies to join.(Sina Technology) Himalayan responds “arrangement of up to $1 billion in IPO”: There is no clear plan According to IFRAsia quoted insiders, China’s online audio platform Himalaya has chosen Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley to arrange $500 million to 10A million dollar IPO.Subsequently, the Himalayas responded to 36 nicknames: There is no clear IPO plan at this stage. At present, the focus of the Himalayas is to focus on the construction of the entire audio ecosystem and concentrate on serving users and anchors.Investment and financing Shanghai artificial intelligence related industry has reached a new high in financing, and is promoting a number of major innovation projects from the Shanghai Economic and Information Committee. According to the full-scale enterprise information statistics, there are more than 1,000 artificial intelligence core enterprises in Shanghai and more than 3,000 artificial artificial intelligence enterprises.The artificial intelligence enterprise employs about 100,000 people.In 2018, the city’s artificial intelligence-related industries raised more than 60 billion yuan, a record high.In addition, a number of major innovation projects are continuing to advance.Including Shangtang artificial intelligence major computing platform, joint imaging artificial intelligence medical innovation platform, Fudan microelectronics heterogeneous intelligent chip, Wuji cloud inference chip, Daban flexible robot.(澎湃) “Love Pet Doctor” was informed by a new round of financing of 130 million yuan. “Pizza Doctor” recently completed a new round of financing of RMB 130 million. This round of financing came from Yuyuan, a listed company of Fosun.Prior to this, the pet doctor has received a number of rounds of financing, including investors in China Capital, Puhua Capital, and probe funds.Online children’s music education brand “Ube Sweet” won 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing 36氪, the online children’s music education brand “Ube Sweet” recently completed 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, from the gathering capitalInvestment, North Tower Capital, Ding’an Technology and investment of the tens of millions of Pre-A round investment, financing will be mainly used for curriculum development, marketing, operation team expansion.Previously, Uber Sweet received the investment of millions of angels from Beita Capital and Blue Elephant Capital in August 2017.New products Amazon global store to provide online delivery services to European stations Recently, Amazon Global opened a store to the European station’s self-delivery sellers to launch a “purchase and delivery” service.”Purchase Delivery” is an online delivery service for sellers to order from seller can purchase the delivery service directly from the partner distributor and print the label on the seller’s platform, or use the “purchase delivery” service API to connect to the ERP to use the service.(Yibang Power Network) Foreign media: Nokia 5G mobile phone will be released next year, the price is about 500 US dollars. According to Digitaltrends, HMD Global, which produces Nokia mobile phones, said that they are building a flagship 5G smart phone with a release date of 2020.year.Regarding the price, Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer of HMD, said that the cost of Nokia’s 5G mobile phone will be about half that of current 5G mobile phones.(IT House) Lei Jun: The second 5G mobile phone is about to launch in China, Xiaomi Group founder Lei Jun said that Xiaomi’s first 5G mobile phone was launched in Europe in May this year, and the second one is about to start in China.Lei Jun believes that 5G is a major opportunity for smartphone companies. Xiaomi began preparing pre-research on various 5G technologies three years ago. He said that 5G is just beginning to kick off, and 5G network will begin in the second quarter of next year.The laying and popularization of 5G terminals will come on a large scale.(Xinhua) Xi’an: More than 6,000 pure electric taxis will be promoted before the end of the year. Before the end of 2019, Xi’an will promote the application of more than 6,000 pure electric taxis.By then, the old dual-fuel taxis in Xi’an will be withdrawn from the historical stage and replaced with more environmentally friendly methanol taxis and pure electric taxis.This updated pure electric taxi uses the BYD e5 model.(Shaanxi Daily) Facebook releases new tools: users can clear the history of external websites. Facebook has released a tool that allows users to see information about online activities that Facebook collects outside its platform.This new tool will show those third-party websites sharing user access information with Facebook and allowing users to disconnect their historical browsing history from their Facebook account.Users can also choose not to let Facebook track their online activities on other sites in the future.(Tencent Securities) Today’s point of view Singapore: Tesla is a lifestyle is not environmentally friendly. We are not interested in Singapore’s Minister of Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli said in an interview on Wednesday that Singapore has placed more reliance on subway and bus travel in priority positions..Musk had previously criticized Singapore for its slowness in accepting and deploying electric vehicles. Ma Shangao was asked by Musk’s comments: “Muske wants a way of life, we are not interested in lifestyle. We are interested inIt is a suitable solution to solve the climate problem.” (Sina Finance) Other important information The People’s Bank of China issued the “FinTech Development Plan (2019-2021)” 36氪, and recently, the People’s Bank of China issued the “FinTech” (FinTech).) Development Planning (2019-2021) clearly sets forth the guiding ideology, basic principles, development goals, key tasks and safeguard measures for financial science and technology work in the next three years.The Plan pointed out that financial technology is a technology-driven financial innovation.The e-mail address and whereabouts information is intended to be included in the statutory personal information. The draft Civil Code of Personal Rights has been submitted to the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee for the third trial.Since the personal e-mail address and whereabouts information also has the function of identifying a specific natural person, the draft three review drafts include it in the scope of personal information, stipulating that personal information is recorded electronically or otherwise, and can be used alone or in combination with other information to identify a particular natural person.Various information, including the name of the natural person, date of birth, ID number, e-mail address, whereabouts information, etc.The personal information of natural persons is protected by law.( 36氪Daily Commercial Featured Business Selection is a daily column of 36氪. 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