Provides ARM-based cloud gaming service, “Cooldo” wants to achieve daily tens of millions of instance services | New Technology Venture 2019


Company interviewed: Shenzhen Coolstar Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Ciyun & Light Play) Respondent: Technology Partner Wang Kai Q1, Currently, the company has achieved in technology, products, market, commercialization, financing, team, etc.What progress?In 2014, the company set up a banner to provide Android containers and solutions based on ARM servers. During the research and development period, it obtained two rounds of financing from Jingwei China and Huaying Capital.The project was successfully commercialized in 2017, and its customers include cloud mobile phones, trial ads, mobile cloud games, and mobile game distribution.The related technologies of Qiyun Android container and cloud games mainly include: 1. Virtualization (putting mature x86 virtualization solution into commercial development of ARM to realize commercial application) 2. Video coding (providing 2M to 20M, 30 frames to 60)Frame coding technology implementation) 3, maturity (API access, less docking workload, fast access, mature commercial use of different types of B-end customers, completed a million-level call) 4, transport protocol (multi-terminal support)2M to 20M transmission protocol, H5 achieves the effect of the client) 5. Cost (whether it is the time cost of accessing the B-end user, and the cost of servicing a single C-end user is much lower than other products in the market we are currently seeingSolution) Due to the rise of the 5G concept, the education costs of the market and manufacturers have been greatly reduced. The business growth in the first half of the year was significantly higher than that in 2018.Q2, 2019, the three things that have the greatest impact on the industry in the industry?1. Huawei released ARM cloud (which involves cloud game solutions) 2. Tencent released Start cloud game 3. Ministry of Industry and Information issued a 5G license, 5G business-driven 5G related concept industry formation Q3, 2019 next time,What are the big things in the industry that will be concerned?The progress of Huawei cloud in the business cooperation of cloud games, the localization process of ARM hardware ecology, the entry mode of other big platforms for cloud games and derivative products (such as playable advertisements), 5G related telecommunication tariff changes.Q4, 2019, what kind of competition pattern will the industry in which the company is located present?As the first year of domestic cloud games, 2019 will form an early team structure based on the underlying hardware, middle-level services and upper-layer products.On the bottom layer, Huawei and Qualcomm-based ARM hardware ecosystem and AMD, Intel, Nvidia’s X86 ecosystem and other excessive hardware solutions, middle-tier service traditional cloud service companies (Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud) and various vertical domain cloud servicesCompanies (such as Qiyun), the upper application is more to cultivate the market, advertising and channel distribution will be the first to cooperate with the technology mature and share the first wave of dividends brought by cloud game technology.Qiyun has a complete set of solutions from the underlying hardware, rom and interfaces for the top-level business forms. Qiyun is relatively Huawei, and Qualcomm has more resources and brand value for other brands.With more resource allocation capabilities, Qiyun’s advantage lies in the current focused investment, mature commercial application, and a certain first-mover advantage in cost, scale, and stability. For this reason, this year, when many giants entered the market.The qiyun business does not fall and increase.In the future, more research and development at the bottom of the computing power, transmission, codec, terminal compatibility, and commercialization.Q5, 2019, will the company have some milestone nodes?The milestone of 2019 is mainly the commercialization scale of the company’s cloud services, and realizes the daily tens of millions of instance services.Q6, 2019, the company on the track where the company is located, what must be done or the market for competition?1. Balance of technical update iteration and commercialization capability 2. Grasping important cooperation opportunities (business and capital cooperation of platform-level companies) PS: New technology startup series is mainly aimed at companies with new technology directions, such as AI, big data, robots, corporate services, the Internet of Things, financial technology, healthcare, 3D printing, blockchain, smart manufacturing, sensors, semiconductors, VR/AR/MR, commercial aerospace, new energy, new materials, hardware with technological innovations, etc.If you are interested in this series, please join us in the “New Technology Entrepreneurship 2019” series of research, the questionnaire download address:, please send a questionnaire to [email protected]