Apple falls out of favor: no longer the only choice for the high-end market


Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), Author: Yang industry break, 36 krypton release authorized. Recently, foreign media broke the news that Apple will release a new generation of iPhone on September 12 this year. This time, three mobile phones will be released, which are upgraded versions of iPhone XS series and iPhone XR, and the price is still more than 10,000 yuan. After the news came out, for various rumors such as concept maps and prices, such negative evaluations as “high price”, “no change in model”, “post-camera is getting more and more soil”, and “not as good as domestic mobile phones” came one after another. The words “very beautiful” and “revolutionary design” in the era of Jobs have not appeared in recent generations of new products. The response to the iPhone has also begun to be cold. Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) visited Sanlitun’s Apple flagship store in Sanlitun, where she worked for nearly three years as a clerk, Han Jun (a pseudonym), and talked about the upcoming new product: “After the release of the new iPhone, the grand rush of fruit powder will not appear again.” Now the Sanlitun Apple store is still planning to expand, and recently to buy the original orange hall next door to open a separate store. However, the new store is not because of its good performance. It is because Sanlitun Store has more functions to carry the experience store, and to create a more fashionable concept store, further enhance the brand influence of Apple China, and promote more online reservations for consumers. Sales are helpful. The end of an era of Apple’s new product decline, not a unique event in the domestic market. And behind the news that the iPhone is about to release new products, there is still an important news about Apple being ignored. On July 10th, the 12-inch MacBook was removed from the Apple Store, and the Apple MacBook product line was completely replaced by new products. An era will end, and Apple will never have Jobs. Although Jobs passed away in 2011, his plans for and design of iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBookAir have been Apple’s main business products. The current CEO, Tim Cook, has maintained his position as one of Apple’s greatest software and hardware companies in the world based on continuous upgrading and micro-innovation. In the future, the development of Apple is still uncertain. The recent departure of another important person, Jony Ive, has further reduced the future product reputation of Apple. Jonathan Ivey, who joined Apple in 1992, started with the iMac, a computer-integrated machine in 1998. He designed all the classic Apple products with Steve Jobs and was the chief designer of Apple for more than 20 years. In addition to being responsible for the design of classic Apples such as the iPhone and iPod, Jonathan Ivey was responsible for all of Apple’s human-computer interface projects in 2012. The second year he took over the project, the release of iOS 7, brought about a disruptive UI revolution from a materialization to a flat style. The media generally sees this change as the most revolutionary visual redesign of the iPhone and iPad software in the past decade, and they continue to be the guiding aesthetic of all Apple software. Therefore, Nathan Ivey is also known as the soul designer of Apple. But just last week, the chief designer announced his departure. Apple said in a statement that Jonathan Ivey will create his own independent design studio, Apple will become its first important customer, and Apple will continue to cooperate with Jony Ive in product design. After all, there is still a huge difference between cooperation and internal employment. Apple’s future products are even more amazing, and it is still unknown to gradually move toward mediocrity. The innovation of the product is no longer there? Although the final look of the new iPhone in 2019 is still unknown. However, the renderings that have been circulated on the Internet are enough to cause the users to vomit. The raised camera design that the iPhone has always existed has already been fixed by domestic mobile phones, but the new renderings are a number of raised cameras. Many netizens said that they are not calm. Apple’s design lacks innovation and is also reflected in the WWDC2019 conference. The modular workstation host released by the conference – Mac Pro.This honeycomb-like “wiping potato” chassis, as well as the price that is too expensive, makes it hard for everyone to be happy. Cook, who served as CEO of Apple in 2011, has been innovating for many years in the Steve Jobs era. In the Cook era, the biggest innovation of the iPhone should be Apple’s 10th anniversary – iPhone X. The iPhone is finally completely out of the design soul of Jobs, and the iPhone X can no longer see the shadow of the classic iPhone4. Despite the appearance of the design, Liu Haiping, which makes many people feel ugly, also makes this product not optimistic when it comes to market. Actually, the design of this mobile phone still has a lot of unique features. For example, since the iPhoneX, the full screen has become the standard of the new iPhone, and the Liu Haiping, which was spit out, also appeared on other brand new mobile phones. Starting from the new iPhone in 2018, Apple no longer uses digital naming generations of mobile phones, but starts a new layout with the X series. The three new products released in 2018 are the iPhone XR, the iPhone Xs and its large-screen version Xs Max. iPhone Xs as an upgrade product, the appearance is also the appearance of the previous generation of Apple phones, but made some upgrades on the phone hardware. The iPhone Xs Max screen is up to 6.5 inches, which is the biggest screen iPhone in Apple’s history. iPhone Xs Max is positioned at the highest end of the product, starting at 9599, and the 512GB version has exceeded 10,000 yuan, reaching 12,799 yuan, creating a new iPhone price. More expensive, bigger, and stronger upgrades are the safest way to choose the iPhone. However, for consumers, in the era of hardware surplus, more than PC-level CPU and larger screens, can not stimulate the desire of consumers to replace, so Apple has continuously canceled the revenue of the lowest-end memory phone. The 32G mobile phone memory disappeared on the iPhone8 mobile phone, 64G memory will disappear on the new products released this year, consumer dissatisfaction and protest, and failed to stop Apple’s determination to increase revenue. On the other hand, iPhoneX is also a watershed for the iPhone. It not only brings the iPhone into the era of full screen, but also raises the price of the iPhone to nearly 10,000 yuan with products full of technology, in order to further open the gap with more and more high-end mobile phone brands. The iPhone X did not bring sales success, after all, the iPhone 8/8p was released in the same period. In comparison, the iPhone 8/8p is far less attractive than the iPhone X, but the high price of the iPhone X and the slightly experimental nature of the model are also scheduled to be unexploded. This is also the price of the Apple product system upgrade, it needs to pay. Apple hopes to replicate the success of the iPhone 6 on the iPhone X series. Among the 21 iPhones released by Apple today, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus released in 2014, due to the first time in response to market demand, launched a large screen 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen combination. Let this phone buy out of stock once it is on the market, and its Chinese people are the most favored for this phone. As of 2017, the total sales volume of iPhone 6, 6 Plus has exceeded 222.4 million units, far ahead of other models. On the whole, the iPhone’s changes in recent years, mainly from small to large, from Touch ID to Face ID, from single to double, from traditional screen to full screen upgrade route. The lack of revolutionary changes, the transition time interval is getting longer and longer, and the sales of the iPhone are gradually lower. According to data disclosed by foreign media, Apple’s iPhone sales in 2016 were 210 million units, and in 2017 it was about 16 years, about 216 million units. Many organizations estimate that sales in 2010 will be 140 million, the lowest score for Apple in five years. Where is the apple in the Cook era? Due to the two-year replacement of Apple, the pace of the annual upgrade has been delayed to the level of three years. So it can be expected that the new iPhone XS and XR in 2019 will not change much.而在软件层面,7月发布的iOS 13,也将成为新iPhone的标配运行系统。iOS 13 有吸引人眼球的地方,比如APP启动速度比iOS12最高快2倍,面容 ID 的解锁速度提升30% ,还有闪亮登场的深色模式屏保。但适配iPhone 7以后所有机型的iOS13,并不能为今年新品的销售提供太多助益。无论如何,2019年的iPhone必须获得更多的销量,才能减缓2018年苹果成绩不佳的窘境。然而摆在蒂姆库克的面前,还有更多的烦心事。近期华尔街日报一则报道,就让蒂姆库克大动肝火。这篇关于苹果首席设计师乔纳森·艾维为何离职的文章称,由于苹果现任CEO蒂姆·库克对产品设计缺乏兴趣,同时对运营的重视超过设计,使得苹果的创新氛围愈加缺乏。蒂姆·库克当然不想背上赶走苹果功臣,导致产品设计愈加没创新的大锅,于是在回复媒体的邮件中,怒评有些媒体根本不懂苹果的设计团队:“ 上述报道真是太荒谬了,苹果内部是多部门协同工作,设计部门依然是我们的灵魂。”生气归生气,库克还是需要为苹果的未来发展筹谋。未来苹果产品对消费者吸引力不再绝对,如何维持苹果产品的销量和公司的市值,是摆在库克面前的现实难题。从苹果近期的动作看,库克的解决方法是在生态上做文章。2019年的WWDC上,连同iOS 13一起推出的,还有iPadOS、macOS Catalina、tvOS以及watchOS 6。各个Apple OS都具备发展出下一个APP Store的潜力,比如tV OS将在正式版上线时推出100多款游戏,利用tV OS打造未来游戏客厅的潜力也不可小觑。加强对App Store生态的营收,同样是苹果现在的增收措施之一。目前苹果向开发商收取每笔付费销售 30% 的佣金,包括应用内购买。此外还向开发商收取 99 美元的年度费用,作为在 App Store 上销售产品的权利。尽管很多开发者都对苹果的高佣金政策不满,但是也没办法,毕竟谁都不会放弃iOS巨大的生态。根据 Sensor Tower 的最新统计数据,截至今年 6 月,iOS 应用商店在全球范围内的收入约为 255 亿美元,较 2018 年上半年的 226 亿美元增长 13.2%。无论营收规模还是营收速度,iOS生态还是远远高于Google Play。另外,苹果也在更加注重中国市场。如今苹果在中国市场,面临失守的迹象。由于华为等竞争对手强劲,苹果产品自身吸引力也在下降,苹果在中国第一季度业绩不佳,首次出现安装量下降至 148 亿的现象,同比下降 1.4%。所以苹果现在也愈加重视中国市场。7 月 9 日,苹果宣布国内首个「设计开发加速器」在上海落地,将为中国开发者提供服务,帮助他们设计、开发、推广自己的应用。苹果希望促进国内开发者生态的繁荣,从而开发出更多受到国内消费者喜欢的应用,最终促进国内苹果各机型的销量。如今三里屯苹果旗舰店依旧人来人来,但韩军相信排队盛况不会再出现了。 有些落寞的苹果,正面临一个群雄格局的时代;内部动荡的苹果,也正努力走向一个新时代。。

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