Ali Hewei sinks the market, Netease cloud music is taken off… Comments: The sinking and the removal of the big factory


Li Shaohua, vice president of the Ali Group and the general manager of the Rural Division, has recently revealed that the Ali economy, such as Tmall, Taobao, Juhua, Rookie, Aliyun, Ant, Nail, etc., has been somewhat Participated in the agriculture-related business of the entire group, and launched a “conference war” across the BU, cross-over and cross-team in the sinking market. Li Shaohua said, “In the sinking market, we have two advantages: technological advantage and mentality advantage. Technically, big data precipitation can help the county industry to upgrade, so as to promote rural revitalization through the digital engine. In the mentality, we do not have profit pressure on agriculture. “Netizens’ hot comments: · E-commerce is engaged in agriculture, and suddenly I want to go home and plant the fruit trees. · Another Alibaba sword. Zhejing Comments: In the case of traffic dividends in first- and second-tier cities, the e-commerce industry has also begun to pay attention to the consumer groups in the third- and fourth-tier cities. The successful listing of the multi-tasking and interesting headlines made the word “sinking market” suddenly popular last year. The slogan “Nine-nine-nine-package” was also unusually loud, and a large amount of data showed great potential in the sinking market. In 2014, Ali officially launched the “Thousands of Counties and Villages” program. Both Ma Yun and Zhang Yong listed the rural strategy as one of Ali’s three core strategies in different occasions. The expansion of the agriculture-related business reflected Ali’s sinking market. Constantly exerted force. In June, Ali’s “Village Amoy” became the iconic node of its sinking market, which helped Ali to cultivate a bigger market, win a larger demographic dividend, and compete with other platforms in the e-commerce industry. In addition to the technical advantages, Li Shaohua’s mentality advantage also reflects Ali’s investment and patience in the acquisition of social values, which is also an important reason for Ali to win repeatedly in the industry competition. Can Ali, who has the dual advantages of technology and mentality, achieve its goal of building a dual-channel urban and rural area, and gain a firm foothold in the “village”? “Check this cloud”, Netease cloud music was taken off the shelves in recent days, NetEase cloud music was removed for 30 days due to violation of relevant regulations, search in the major Android app stores show “service adjustment, temporarily not available for download”, there are netizens Found that the App Store has been unable to find, the major application malls have been “check this cloud.” Netizen’s hot comment: Why did this son, what did it do wrong? · In Netease cloud music search songs only the original can not be found, probably this is the reason for the removal. Zheyi Comments: In 2013, Netease launched a new product, NetEase Cloud Music, and quickly won praise from the public. In 2015, the number of users has exceeded 100 million, with a total of 120 million music reviews and 200 million music sharing. Many popular comments have swept friends. Circle, it seems that listening to songs in Netease has become a new social way. However, NetEase Cloud has been removed for 30 days due to violation of relevant regulations, and the reasons for the removal of the shelves have been different. The official has not given a positive response so far. Among them, the higher the credibility is the copyright issue and the “filtering” of local audio. This is also the long-standing flaw of Netease Cloud Music. At the same time, on June 30, Douban FM officially returned, and a high-profile new version of the online version, which also shows the changes in the music streaming market. Regarding whether NetEase Cloud will have an impact on the number of users, an insider said that the impact of the removal of the existing users is small, and more likely may affect the users. From another perspective, the regulatory authorities have become more and more strict in rectifying the network audio chaos. Under such a background, how will Netease Cloud develop? Super species Shanghai first store closed New retail still needs time Yonghui Supermarket’s super-specialty store in Shanghai – Wujiaochang Wanda store closed on July 4. The store opened in November 2017 and has been in less than two years. This is also the first time a super species has closed. Netizen’s hot comment: · The concept is bigger than the actual. · All businesses that do not have a sustainable profit model are false propositions. Zheyi Comments: In 2016, Ma Yun first proposed the concept of new retail in the speech of Ali Yunqi Conference. Subsequently, the new retail of in-depth integration of online services, offline experience and modern logistics also started last year. wave. The launch of the super species by Yonghui Supermarket’s subsidiary “Yonghui Yunchuang” responded to this trend. However, in less than two years since the opening of the super-species, it has been difficult to make a profit to close the storefront. In addition to the competitive pressure and strategic problems, it is simply that super-species cannot quickly adapt to the new retail model.虽说新零售风刮得正猛,但机遇和挑战永远都是并存的,仅仅依靠技术上的支撑并不足够,真正考验的还有背后的商业战略和主观力量。超级物种等新零售模式门店的关店事件并不代表新零售这条道路走不通了,只是需要再给正处于探索时期的新零售一些时间,而未来新零售能否冲破瓶颈,扭转局势,还需拭目以待。ofo小黄车退完所有押金还需要12.5年日前,有媒体通过每日实测发现,ofo小黄车的日均退款人数在3500人左右。数据显示,目前仍有约1600万用户在排队等待退押金,照此计算,如果没有新增退款用户的话,全部退完还需要12.5年。网友热评:·12年后200块跟现在的200块可能就不一样了。·小明是猪年退的款,在猪年终于收到了退款。浙氪点评:2014年,国内共享单车市场开始出现,共享单车逐渐风靡国内乃至全球各地。在这五年内,前前后后出现了数十家共享单车品牌,除了那些被收购的品牌,ofo成了其中被最多阴影笼罩的那个。此前ofo就倒闭一事被舆论推向风口浪尖,归根到底,单车围城、资金断裂、挪用押金等标签表明了ofo没有正视其对市场的把控能力。同时,ofo的产品质量和用户体验也一直被用户诟病,原本辉煌一时如今却被大众抛弃。尽管ofo还提供了押金兑换成金币在商城使用的功能,但在挽回用户信任上仍然无济于事,不少用户表示:还不如等个十二年。不知道大家是否也是苦苦等待中的一员呢,关于“12.5年”,你怎么看?支付宝刷脸系统上线美颜功能近日媒体调研发现:女性用户对于刷脸支付的接受度明显低于男性,原因是刷脸支付没有美颜功能。支付宝在官方微博回应称,已关注到相关用户需求,正在与产品经理沟通。目前,支付宝已上线美颜刷脸功能,一周内,将在全国门店上线。支付宝还调侃道:“到时候让你刷脸比在美颜相机里还美,就问你怕不怕,哼!”网友热评:·美不美颜的无所谓,关键是账号里没钱。·有必要吗,只是一个支付工具而已?浙氪点评:随着人脸识别技术的成熟和5G时代的来临,用户越来越强调消费的便利性、快捷性,继扫码支付之后,刷脸支付将逐渐成为一种全新的支付方式,开启人脸即钱包的新时代。在美颜功能推出之前,也有不少网友质疑,用户化妆后是否会影响人脸识别的正确率。其实,人脸识别系统比我们想象的要更靠谱,它们通过分析人脸的五官关键点位置信息确认,而美颜只是在屏幕上的显现,不会影响到识别。每个人都有追求美的权利,但另一方面,刷脸支付涉及到个人财产安全,我们不能轻视,也不要过分沉溺美颜,活在“滤镜”里。。

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