Text | Kr Lab Design | Xiao Wu Column | Kr Lab New Young Watching Film Director Challenges Short Videos, How Short Can You Tell a Story? Director Ning Hao released a short film “More than One Minute” with a length of only one minute at the Vibrato Video Festival. The film begins with the monks, experiences human beings, and finally reaches the intelligent age. It shows the human intelligence and its products lightly and interestingly. The inner game between the two. The 1-minute video condenses millions of years of human development, but what makes the image more artistic is the feelings, emotions, and concepts that “more than a minute.” Of course, the director cleverly buried an obvious “stalk” in a limited time – as humans evolved, the imagery of the image gradually changed from horizontal screen to vertical screen. Should mobile video step into the “vertical screen era”? The answer is self-evident. In March 2018, the streaming media giant Netflix mobile launched the preview function of the content in vertical screen video format. In June, the social platform Instagram released the vertical screen sharing platform IGTV. Don’t forget, there are more than hundreds of millions of Chinese users every day, concentrating on short video content on the vibrato. Ning Hao gave greater expectations to “More than One Minute”, “I hope that through this work, more creators will be able to complete more innovative and better content.” From a single horizontal composition to a variety of compositions, including The composition of the vertical screen, the carrier of the content is changing, the product is changing, and the aesthetic of the user is changing. In the past year, Vibrato has become one of the most important communication platforms for well-produced content products such as movies and TV. The film and television industry has begun to try to create the vertical version of the vibrato in the form of short video. Director Zhang Yimou also tried to create a short video of the vibrato version during the filming of the new work “As Rock”. DAU has more than 320 million vibrato, and has a rich content SKU. In order to lead the creation of high-quality vertical screen video content, Vibrato has assembled a master jury for Ning Hao, Xu Wei, Shen Teng, Jia Yuke, Lu Chuan, Zhang Jin, Li Fei and Liu Tianchi for this short video festival. When we talk about vertical screen movies, not only the masters of video, but the ordinary creators who insist on using their own methods to explore the freshness and depth of content in the vibrato, the power can not be underestimated. 1Boogie93 was originally a street dancer, the word Boogie is short for an ancient dance. Boogie93 went through the first season of “This is Street Dance”, and he laughed at himself as “popular knockout player”. The second appearance was eliminated. The road of street dance did not go through. Occasionally, he shot a short film for his friends. The friends felt very handsome. “Since street dance doesn’t make money, it’s better to find other ways.” From 16 years to 17 years, his video is basically a tens of thousands of praises. What do he want to send, every video? The amount of data is very good. In 2018, Boogie93 received an invitation letter from Apple’s new product launch conference as a short video blogger. “I thought I would go to the United States once in my life, but I didn’t think I went to the United States in this way.” Boogie93 was very happy. “I don’t know why I chose me at the end, I didn’t ask, I chose. I am going to go happily.” This trip to the United States seems to be an unexpected shock. The serious intentions and attitudes of the traditional professional media recording incidents at the press conference brought him a lot. Shocked. He has higher requirements and standards for his work. “Can’t say that 100% of foreign countries are good, but the touch to me is that people are really professional, very serious and very hard-working. They are doing this and doing content. The domestic bloggers spit and sell more expensive, and cut off. A few kidneys, something particularly boring.” In 2018, more forms of short videos became popular on the vibrato, and the user’s attention began to shift. During that period, Boogie93 was very confused. Suddenly, I didn’t know what I should shoot. I ran a few times on the scalp and the data was not good. He felt like a group of black gas around him. Negative Energy. Just don’t shoot.He decided to live his life for a month. “I haven’t lived well, how can I shoot?” He gave himself 20 days off, but the camera didn’t stop. The first video after the reunion was the life of more than 20 days. Reading, eating, and watching exhibitions won more than 2 million praises. He had a bolder idea, he determined what everyone liked, but he was more certain of what he liked. He no longer forced himself to update every day, but to shoot when he really had a good idea. At the same time, Boogie93 is determined to transform into commercial and short film directors. He is very aware of his own shortcomings during the transition. He is dazed to be assured by others, but when he comes to the content, he becomes unconfident. “I like the cup to compare, the content is equivalent to the liquid inside, I am a particularly good cup, but only poured a glass of white water.” The key to transformation is learning and input. To this end, he learned new shooting techniques on the Internet and revisited classic movies. “Interstellar Crossing” he watched six times. From the very beginning, he only sent the interjection NB, and slowly paid attention to the color of the film, the overall picture, the plot and the rhythm, and then later thought about each of the mobile phone vertical screen shots. The scheduling of the lens and the movement of the light, how to form a vertical screen with a compact rhythm and cool effects. When he was occasionally involved in filming TVC, he used the gap to observe the director’s position and machine. How big is the lens, what camera is used, what kind of on-site scheduling is, what is the director’s inner thought, “is constantly on the scene Communicate with the director and ask some professional questions.” When he showed that he wanted to transform in this direction, the directors usually patiently told him what the industry is like. He hopes that one day he can release his TVC on the vibrato, “Let everyone shine. Let everyone look at the long time span from 16 to 20 years, what changes this teenager has experienced, his growth and His progress.” Boogie93 seems to have made him a vibrato, what the platform gives him and what he can return to the platform is not equal. “I have been helping me to grow, and I hope that one day I can give back more value to this platform. “Artistic expression has to break through the mass circle, it has never been an easy task, and the number of users has been expanding. On the vibrato, it is a bigger “challenge.” Most MCN companies will customize the content of their content by trying to figure out user preferences. This is why Boogie93 doesn’t want to sign any MCN. “I want to try to make something I like.” For content producers, an ideal state is to constantly expand the boundaries of self-creation and lead others, Boogie93 is still exploring, but His friend Dai Mei Shi has found a balance between the two. 2 Dai Mei Shi speaks the same as her video, cool, and not much, in stark contrast to the Northeastern Boogie93. Every Daren has a special video that is meaningful to him. For Dai Mei Shi, the most impressive thing is that she entered the first work of Vibrato. The content of the work is very simple, simple and unneeded. However, its significance is that because of this one, there are only a few behind, and now there is Dai Mei Shi. In the early days, her style was mostly fashionable and cool. When she first started filming, she was a very self-sufficient person and would not do even a little compromise. “When the early vibrato sounds above BGM fire, I will not use it. I will find some songs that you may not have listened to according to your own preferences. I have not positioned myself, I will shoot what I want, and I will take whatever I like.” The downturn in data is the most real feedback. The user does not resonate, I don’t know what she wants to express, and the traffic is naturally not good. For Dai Mei Shi who wants to use short video as a career, it is necessary to make some compromises. In the later period, she slowly learned to do some integration with the taste of the public. “It must be my own favorite after the integration. I don’t have anything I like. The texture, creativity and exquisiteness of the video will definitely not change.” Seeing the popularity of this year’s ancient style, Daimei Shi will try to More popular ancient songs, diverging their own creativity to create, in the public preferences and their own style, find some balance.Many people commented on her “good-looking”. This is a good-looking one that praises her appearance and some praises her content. Dai Mei Shi has his own opinion on good looks. “Good content must be complete. The complete content must be creative and cannot be repeated. Content, scenes, pictures and characters’ shots, scheduling, light, etc. are all passed through. Well-designed.” To complete such a work, she needs each video to make her own scene, and it can take several hours to make a scene. “If a small prop can’t be bought inside, I will do it myself. So sometimes the frequency of updating is very slow. I don’t know if it takes a few days, maybe seven days, or maybe ten days.” The cost is high and the cost is high, but in order to make the visual effect the best, she is willing to spend these energy and time. The insistence on creation is not only reflected in the scene, but also in the scene shooting. When I need to shoot a sunrise or sunset, “I go to the shooting point at three or four in the morning, take a sunrise, just wait for a day in that place, and then shoot the sunset. I will wait a long time for the wind to blow my hair, etc. The wind is coming.” Some people leave a message to her, saying that what you do with Dai Mei Shi is art. She never thought so before, but the pursuit of this kind of creation is still sighed by others, and it is very exemplary of the artist. The most exaggerated one was that she took a video and spit directly. Dai Mei Shi once accidentally saw a video of the fox being peeled, feeling cruel, decided to shoot a video against fur. In the video, she bought Taobao’s bionic plasma and dripped it directly from her head. Although it was not real blood, the irritating taste made her indescribable, and it was sticky and thick on the hair. “I vomited after I finished shooting, my stomach couldn’t stand it.” Although hard, I can do what I like and find a balance between it and business. It is extremely lucky for her. For the future, she has no clear plans, she enjoys the current state. But it does not exclude attempts to shoot long content, or to do some plots. Just like the fusion of popular tastes and styles before, no matter what changes in the outside world, finding the balance between the outside world and the self-winning balance should not be difficult for Dai Mei Shi. Boogie and Dai Meishi’s future direction, focusing on feature film production, TVC, etc., are all in the category of choreographers. The director usually uses the actors to express his intentions and ideas. On the platform of the vibrato, we found a teenager who chased the actor’s dream. 3 Zhou Qifeng has not found his own style when the technical flow has been playing on the vibrato. Zhou occasionally took some funny paragraphs to make everyone happy, but he knew very well that this method could not last long. Zhou Qifeng watched Hong Kong movies since childhood. When he was eight or nine years old, Zhou Qifeng watched the next-door brother watching Zhou Xingchi’s movie every day. He smiled while watching. He didn’t understand what his brother was laughing at, and why he looked every day. Now he understands that the nonsense film is filled with the helplessness of the little man. Zhou Qifeng feels that he is a very typical small person. When he was a child, his dream was to be a singer. When he was going to participate in the art test, because the tuition fee of 5,000 yuan was too expensive, the mother asked him not to do these things. It is. After school, he didn’t want to take care of his family at all times. When he was stretched, he often used instant noodles. After he graduated, he worked as a waiter and worked as a factory worker. Zhou Qifeng believed that his life was a story of a small person. He once took a video of eating white rice. Someone commented: “What are you shooting, eating rice, getting some food.” He was helpless. “When you are really poor, there is already a meal.” Happy, do you still have any food in it? Is it so high?” He wants to present the life and emotions of the little characters in his own video. He hopes that every little person like him can see that these videos are resonating and can Harvest some power. In the hearts of small people, there must be an idol looking up. Zhou Qifeng has always liked his brother (Zhang Guorong). His favorite movie is “The True Color of Heroes”. When he was a child, he saw “The True Color of Heroes”. He felt the first time he was not quite a The spirit of understanding – loyalty, but secretly decided to grow up to be like a brother.When he made up his mind to try to make a short video of Hong Kong Wind, in order to better match the image and design of the Hong Kong film, he spent two months from 180 kg to 150 kg. “The real port wind is not the video. The color is yellow, so simple, but from all aspects to ponder, fit, understand, express the Hong Kong style. The first is the creation of the environment, the second is the clothing, as well as the composition of the film, there are many factors. It is very important to wear that dress, it is the feeling that can directly bring the audience into it.” Many people watched Zhou Qifeng’s Hong Kong video, thinking that he was a native of Hong Kong, but he has not Been to Hong Kong. He asked the actor’s criteria to ask himself, “no small role, only small actors” is the label of his vibrating sound. “My understanding of this sentence is that no matter how small the role is, as an actor, it should be able to interpret it very well.” When an actor’s acting is fully played, it is the actor and the character. When it is one. Zhou Qifeng is now trying to integrate the Hong Kong style into all aspects of his life. He makes friends and values ​​the same way. Dressing up and dressing up is retro-styled. Even talking can give people a sense of Hong Kong style. “Life is always empty.” The creation is sometimes lonely, and he is confused when the volume of play continues to be sluggish. But he is still well prepared to adhere to this style of creation, “because it is of artistic value.” Art does not have to be an unattainable kind of art. In the eyes of Zhou Qifeng, the public can be happy and can The public knows some truth and lets others learn, and it can be called art. “In this style, I can also break into other content. It can be changeable, just like water, carrying everything.” “I think the era since the media is a particularly good era, everyone has a chance.” Showing my talents. Being an actor is a big goal I have always been. I hope to realize this dream in the vibrato. The next step is to write the small goals one by one to complete the big goal, so I will slowly try now. Write a script and do more artistic creation.” The little guy has his own world on this platform, slowly learning, growing, and harvesting, and some people are the MVP-level players. In the second half of 2016, Xue Laoshuang, who was studying in Vancouver, received an invitation to settle in various short video platforms in China. He has lived abroad for many years and has played all kinds of short video apps with friends, and he is also familiar with content production. For the short video platform that has just started in China, Xue Laoshuang is a veteran player and expert, and naturally it is the object of competition for various APPs. After the first experience of the vibrato product, Xue Laoyan refused the invitation to enter the vibrato. The earliest product sounds are not synchronized. Although this error may be only about 0.1 second, it is indeed an unfriendly user experience. This problem exists in similar products, but none of them can really solve this technical problem. The vibrato team used the test to get through the test. After the first version, it was taken to the early users including Xue Laoshuang to test the version. The first version was changed and the version was continued for about one month. Finally, the user Xue Laoshu was satisfied and began to release the original video on the vibrato. What breakthrough should be used to gain the attention of these users? Xue Laoshui is a flash of light, using technology flow and transportation. “This thing will be fire, absolutely, certainly, 100%.” ​​At that time, there was no such thing as technology flow in the country, and Xue Laoshu, who had been studying and studying abroad, had been exposed to these new forms very early. He decided to make this kind of fun. It is a good idea to introduce things to the country. “In fact, it is a form of music expression, just like street dance. It can be battled on the spot, you can play, you can use your mobile phone to complete dozens of creative ideas to express music.” Xue Laoshui hopes that everyone is not staying on it. It will allow more people to play and participate in real creation. “The video of all my technology streams will add a topic #transition#. This topic has never been specifically pushed by the official vibrato. Everyone has spontaneously participated in it. There are already about 1.7 billion players. But the audience is bigger than the photographer, so I hope more. Many people can really get started and feel the fun of filming.” He commented that he is a wonderful one. He has been vibrating for 2 or 3 years. He has been going to the end of a style, no fire but no cold, he enjoys This balance.Some people show their creativity on the vibrato, and some people record their lives on the vibrato. 5 Many people are familiar and unfamiliar with the burning gyroscope. They are familiar because most of the videos he has taken have been seen. Unfamiliar because no one knows what he looks like. As everyone knows, his identity is a pilot. For the pilot, the aircraft must be done with due diligence and strict implementation of the regulations. Ding is Ding Wei, he is not allowed to be sloppy. Shooting and editing videos are unconstrained, and you can think about how to come according to your personal preferences. There are two things that seem to be the opposite, but the kernel is the same: firm, just like the gyroscope works. A gyroscope is a component in an airplane. One of its characteristics is called a fixed axis. When it is running at high speed, no matter how external force is applied to it, it will maintain a direction of rotation – it is not easy to change its own axis by external force. , insist on doing what you want to do, this is also the creative principle of burning gyroscope video. In January 2018, after a mission, his ears were inflamed, and he had to apply for a month’s vacation. Suddenly withdrawing from the high-intensity, long-term aircraft mission, he seems to be somewhat at a loss from this sudden, completely his own time. Occasionally, he had nothing to do with flipping through the album at home, recording the photographic paper with his family, and he had the idea of ​​making life a video. “Record life does not require pre-planning scripts, you can pick up the equipment and you can shoot, just like you write a diary.” Before 2019, he took more than 400 videos and created the topic of #礼感# in happy life. The number of hits is not high, but in January of this year, suddenly a few video points liked a million. When the first video broke a million, he flew on the plane that flew to Zhuhai for training. He got off the plane and turned on the vibrato. The first reaction was happy, and it was not very understandable. “It’s a daily life, Why is this one?” He tried to summarize the video content of this article, and used 30 or 40 seconds to express one thing clearly. The theme is clear and the rhythm is fast. The previous video, the information is rather messy, there are many topics, and the editing is slow. Since then, he has insisted on recording life in a more vivid way. During the Spring Festival of 2019, he was broadcasted by CCTV1 before the Spring Festival Gala, and he let more people know the burning gyroscope. “I was alone in Beijing during the Spring Festival. My mother was very happy to call me and said that I was on TV.” “The video I made is called the sense of ritual in a happy life. I want to understand my sense of ritual. The attitude is passed on. This is a simple thought to convey. Sharing is just that simple.” The burning gyroscope said that he did not think about giving up the pilot’s work because of short video, the video is his love. And the flight is also, these two things are insisted on because of love. Fast-paced editing will bring better traffic, but now he is back to his original editing method: a slow, narrative way to express clarity. “Some things you want to feel really, you may really want to taste slowly. Look at the flowers, you can only see the surface, can not touch the heart.” “I will hold the original intention of doing video.” His video viewers There are a large number of depressed patients, some of whom will share some of their thoughts and episodes today, and mention that they are inspired by the video to become more passionate about life. These messages and stories are harvested after he took the video. power. “Either life or individual is progressing day by day. One day I will form my own unique style and have the power to be ignored.” It is not easy to have unique recognition in such an all-encompassing platform. Things, while some content is born with a unique attribute – animated image IP. 6 coincides with China’s Heilongjiang Zodiac pig, a pig with more than 30 million fans, from social media all the way to the offline. The pig fart that was launched at the end of 2017 caught up with the bursting of the vibrato content. In the vibrato, there are very few anime images. The team keenly captured the platform’s bonus period and decided to create a song based on the popular songs of the vibrato. The first video was the hottest topic of vibrato at the time #Russian dance. Unified music, unified movements, different people perform in different environments.And everyone didn’t expect a pig to dance and dance so well. The pig fart is on the line and it is on fire. At present, this video has accumulated 400w praise, and there are nearly 100 million broadcasts in the background. Why is it so popular? There are so many cute cartoon characters, why are they pigs? “Because all the creations are built around the characteristics of the pigs.” The pig’s fart is positioned as a 5-year-old boy who is a little warm man and silently accompanied by everyone. He is warm, cute, and intelligent. Every piece of each piece is created and always created around these characteristics. Most of the content created is about the actual scenes that may be encountered in families with children, such as writing homework, loving father or loving mother. The sense of mission of Pig Fart is to create happiness, and all creations are centered around “happiness.” They hope that the Chinese children will have their favorite image of the country, so that the pigs can accompany the children to have a positive and happy childhood. July 10th is the second anniversary of the pig’s fart debut. Looking back on these two years, the team of pigs and farts has a clear understanding of themselves and the times. “We are in an era of ever-changing content, and such an era requires us to constantly embrace change. The two-year-old pig fart will grow slowly, and the family view world view may change. On the basis of the team will add to it, and continue to expand the breadth of its content.” Young people who grew up in the video language, are using their best expression – short video – to do a very diverse expression. Along with the richness of smart phone shooting functions and the development of 5G technology, in the future, more people will be able to share their lives with short video recordings on platforms such as vibrato, which is undoubtedly a certain trend. In particular, we have also observed that after the collision between the traditional video industry and short video carriers, the vibrato platform has produced many interesting types, such as vertical screen drama, vlog, brainstorming creative video, music technology flow… … The vertical screen enhances these new forms of immersion, giving users a sense of conversation. At the same time, all kinds of interesting props and filters make the short video more playable and interactive, and show more details and interaction in 1 minute. Behind this is the process of artisticizing the “useful” and “fun” information in life. These contents also make the vibrato aware that short video has great room for exploration in terms of artistry and innovation. In order to encourage more users to exert their extraordinary creativity, the short video image festival held by Vibrato is intended to encourage creative users to explore more possibilities of video art while recording a good life. As a head player in the short video field, the vibrating rate first proposed the possibility of “image art”. On July 9, Weiyin announced that it will hold a one-month short video image creation challenge, and the linkage with Zhang Yimou, Ning Hao, Zhang Jin and other traditional film and television industry authorities will directly promote the long-term development of short video image art. . The festival has a series of tracks, records, animations, music, innovations, etc., which contain more mature competitions in the traditional image industry, such as stories, records, and animations. They also present different characteristics in the context of short videos. There are also two tracks with very short video features, music and innovation. Encourage creators to play more ideas on different tracks and try more possibilities for short videos. After the rapid growth of the market, the short video gradually entered a more refined and professional period. The “recording a better life” is determined to set up a short video and video festival. In the exploration of the artistic potential and trend of short video images, wait for more creators to join this epoch-making image experiment on “beauty” and “good”. .

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