Focus Analysis | “Question” from Lei Jun: What kind of mobile phone do your girls want?


“If you don’t play a little red book, you can’t do it.” For the Xiaomi CC series, Lei Jun personally came to the line of the little red book that girls absolutely dominated, “seriously learn to write notes” and “question” to the girls with practical actions: What kind of mobile phone do you want? As a millet that started with an enthusiast, the cognition of the demand for “they” has been ambiguous, and there is always some pain in the reach of female users. Lei Jun clearly realized that in the stock market game, the previously neglected segment has a big opportunity – selling mobile phones to more girls may become another incremental market. In this battleground, OV and Nova have found their own method of winning hearts. According to a recent report by the Penguin think tank, OPPO, vivo and Apple users are all higher than men, and Huawei mobile phone users are quite similar. Making mobile phones for women is already an old topic. From Duo Wei in 2009 to Xiaomi CC this year, there have been countless large and small manufacturers in the past 10 years. What is the “her” mobile phone? This is also the myth that mobile phone manufacturers have always wanted to crack. In fact, OV and nova did not label themselves as “female phones.” Xiaomi CC’s Mito custom models also avoid mentioning “female mobile phones”. The label of “female mobile phones” may be a pseudo-proposition at all. The success factor of a “her” mobile phone is not a single “face value”, nor is it marketing. Routines can continue, and research and development, supply chains, and channels are the foundation for success. “She” mobile phone evolution history “her” mobile phone has a name that can not be avoided: Duo Wei. “Marketing + Appearance” is the magic weapon for the rise of Duowei, and it has become the basic tricks that manufacturers have not changed since the era of functional machines. He Mingshou, who graduated from high school, earned the first pot of gold by relying on mobile phone accessories in Guangzhou. In 2009, with the ambition of “building the first brand of women’s mobile phones in the world”, she founded Duo Wei in Shenzhen. Duo Wei mobile phone used white, looking at the lighter than the same period of clamshell machine. When the product was not listed, the company asked Shuqi to endorse. When the product was launched, it was overwhelmingly advertised on TV and purchased TV shopping programs. It also named Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival Evening, and the advertising fee cost 50 million. Duo Wei quickly sold 600,000 units, and in 2009, when Nokia and contract machines became popular, it has already become a sudden rise. When the only advertisement was born, the vivo was not born, and Shen was still making a backgammon music phone. This section of Yongping’s proud students is also playing the “star endorsement + design + variety title” three axe to play yo. In 2007, the BBK music phone was found because of the starring Korean drama “Full House”, and Song Huiqiao endorsed the fire in the north and south. The small fresh air of advertising went on bombing in television and reader magazine. The title of the vival variety has not fallen, and in the year, “Super Girl” has smashed hundreds of millions of yuan. There are thousands of products in the world, and half of the two factories in OV. OPPO’s most exaggerated star marketing event is the OPPO R11 conference, which invited the most popular nine stars: Di Lieba, Yang Mi, Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, Chen Weijun, TFboys, Jay Chou, which is enough to make the girls scream. . Song Hye Kyo endorsed the BBK music phone but the simple number and the number of marketing channels quickly became exhausted. The only singularity of the OV, OV did not enter sales top5 in 2012, was classified in the “other”. Du Wei’s biggest mistake was to “just do a female mobile phone” and blocked his own path. After all, in 2011, when the smart machine was just budding, in addition to the name of the variety of art, and then engage in the design, the mobile phone designed for women can not turn any tricks. Until the “self-timer” became a strong demand, “her” mobile phone has turned around again. For the first time, the iPhone 4 installed a front-facing camera on the phone. It was originally used as a video call, and the “self-timer” was popular all over the world. Looking at it now, 300,000 pixels can be said to be intolerable, and the effect is naturally unsatisfactory. So the hottest selfie hardware in 2011, not a mobile phone, is a card machine ExilimTR-100 that can be rotated 360 degrees by Casio. The enthusiasm of Casio allows cross-border mobile phone manufacturers to see the value of “self-portrait”. Their tactics were quickly adjusted to: “Yan value” + “Red man endorsement” + “Advertising bombing” + “Self-timer”.It is a pity that the road to harvest can’t be accomplished overnight. The consumer psychology of women’s mobile phones is complex and changeable, and it needs a little bit of interpretation from manufacturers. OPPO first used self-portraits as a separate selling point, and it was blue. They showed that female users were more concerned about “beautiful” than “shooting well.” In June 2012, OPPO launched the Ulike mobile phone. The main function is self-timer. It is equipped with a 2 megapixel front camera, which is the highest configuration on the market at the time, and has a beauty function. The final feedback of this model is very good, OPPO hot iron hit the Ulike 2 generation at the end of the year, the pixel has increased to 5 million, higher than the mainstream models of Samsung and HTC at that time. But this phone has been out for 3 generations, and has since been quiet. OPPO Ulike mobile phone is another beautiful photo that takes advantage of its value. In May 2013, it released the first mobile phone, claiming to use “the world’s first 8 megapixel front camera”, as well as its own beauty film software blessing, design It is also a “girlish sense” at a glance – light tones, round lines and light texture. Mito squats on the “star network red” routine, signed Angelababy as a spokesperson, and also found Li Xiaolan, Wu Hao, Lin Zhiying and other stars in the three sides of the strait to advertise. At that time, Mito’s “event marketing” made a lot of noise, and it was a custom mobile phone for Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming’s wedding, and signed a limited edition for HelloKitty and Sailor Moon IP. Meitu sales have risen year after year, from 27,900 units in 2013 to 1,547,700 units in 2017, which once contributed more than 80% of revenue to Meitu, and the gross profit is also over 20%. Mito Mobile Sailor Moon custom version but also stopped here. In 2018, Meitu only launched a Mito T9, mobile phone sales fell 54.2% year-on-year, and the intelligent hardware business lost 500 million, accounting for nearly half of the loss. In the end, Mito’s mobile phone sold to Xiaomi also marked the end of its disappointing mobile phone business. Ulike’s endlessness and the glory and decline of Duo Wei and Mei Tu indicate that the “she” mobile phone has a large market size, but it cannot win lightly and quickly. This requires patience and waiting for melon. Fortunately, the old rivers and lakes OV can wait, the novice Duo Wei and Mito died halfway. Geographically and in a timely manner, Mito surrendered the correct answer to the question “What kind of mobile phone do girls want?” But it’s only part of it. The success of OPPO and vivo in the female market is not only based on the advertising and beauty of the stars, but also behind its research and development strength and the offline channels that have accumulated over a decade. OPPO’s Ulike and vivo camera phones Y19t and Xshot are flat. In 2016, OPPO’s R9 series and vivo’s X7 series are truly famous in the market. The former is the first domestic mobile phone with a price of 3,000 yuan to exceed 10 million units. They all carry the top 16 million front-facing cameras at the time, marking the camera, especially the self-timer has become one of the core value points of the two factories. The success of R9 is not accidental. The MediaTek processor used in R9 has been criticized by many people as “high price and low allocation”. But it has two prominent selling points: looking for Sony’s custom 16 megapixel front camera and exclusive fast charging technology. Before the release of R9, the slogan of “Powered for 5 minutes, talked for 2 hours” was already familiar. OPPO is indeed keen on marketing refinement, and it also needs VOOC flash charging technology to support it. This technology has been developed for two years, including the internal audit of OPPO. But afterwards, without this technology that cost a lot of money, R9 may not stand out. Li Yifeng endorsement OPPO R9 compared to R9, X7 can be configured in addition to the camera, the rest is average, but vivo made an advertising campaign that can be written into marketing textbooks: “Light up your beauty.” The most important thing is that OV has a huge network of offline channels, deep into the township capillaries, and when the R9 and X7 are released, they have accumulated to the critical point. Moreover, in 2016, Xiaomi was slightly weak, Huawei nova was still immature, and Samsung was embarrassed because of the Note7 explosion. OV’s location and time are gathered together, R9 and X7 naturally become an explosion.Korean star Song Zhongji endorsement of the vivo X7 series of Mito earlier than OV, in 2015 released a V4 with a 21 million pixel front camera, also invited Angelababy a star to bring goods. But these advantages will soon disappear. Meitu’s mobile phone shipments of one million a year are not worth mentioning in the eyes of suppliers. Once the big manufacturers cut into the supply chain, Mito will naturally be squeezed out of priority. Contrary to Mito, Huawei nova is the last one. It sold 100 million units in three years and forced it to succeed. It seems that nova has taken the tactics of attaching importance to design and asking traffic stars to endorse these OV and Mito. This is just the appearance. The success of nova is based on Huawei’s big tree. It has exclusive technology and offline channel blessing, a ready-made quality control system, and a mature supply chain. This is something that small manufacturers can’t have. “The land is good for the day.” The nova advertising style and OV’s success like nova is a victory for the routine + strength. Of course, female users will be tempted by the Yi Qian Qian or Zhang Yixing, and they will also value self-portraits and beauty, but they will still pay attention to the fluency of the use, focusing on the rear camera and battery capacity. The recently released nova5 pro uses Huawei’s best flagship chip, and OPPO’s Reno 10x zoom version has also begun to “stack”, which is enough to prove that female users are no longer as good as in previous years. The failure of Mito or Duowei is to ignore the performance and configuration, and the pursuit of gorgeous appearance or marketing, such as passive water, is destined to be a momentary scenery. Respecting women’s aesthetics and respecting their judgments about good products can make mobile phones that girls love. .

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