The domestic mobile phone was defeated by the golden defeat: after over-marketing, it left a debt of 20 billion yuan.


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Party Research Institute” (ID: jiafangribao), the author of Party A Research Institute, the exclusive starter in Tencent Technology, without authorization, can not be reproduced. 36氪 authorized to reprint. IDC data from authoritative research institutions show that in the first quarter of this year, in the global market, the market share of Huawei, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi mobile phone manufacturers reached 42%. Another report by Counterpoint, a research institute, also shows that in the Chinese market, these four companies have monopolized more than 70% of the market. With Huawei, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi’s position in the domestic mobile phone camp completely stable, the living space left to other competitors is also less and less, and the well-known mobile phone brands such as Jinli, Meizu, and Coolpad have gradually gone down. Party A Research Institute recently launched a series of planning, re-launched domestic mobile phone defeat, from these mobile phone manufacturers, summed up valuable experience and lessons. The first phase: Jin Li defeated on November 23, 2018, a deep manuscript of the interface news, “Reissue Jinli defeated the bureau”, suddenly put the old mobile phone manufacturer Gionee in the spotlight. Although the “bankruptcy” news has been heard for a year, in this manuscript, the interface news has cast a blockbuster: Jin Li, chairman of the company, lost more than 10 billion in gambling. Perhaps Jin Li did not expect that he would become the headline in this way. Despite the huge offensive of Huawei, Xiaomi and OV, Jin Li has long ceased to be brave. However, according to data from the research institute GfK, the sales volume of Gionee mobile phones in China in 2017 was 14.94 million, still ranking seventh. This report of the interface news became the last straw of the smashing of the gold, although Jin Li said that “there is no such thing as 10 billion”, but it is followed by the sale of patent auctions, asset liquidation and so on. From the first camp of domestic mobile phones to the debt of 20 billion, bankruptcy and reorganization, there are many lessons left by Jin Li. 01. Mobile phone entrepreneurs from the small fighter and VCD industry compared to Yu Chengdong, Lei Jun, Luo Yonghao, such as the mobile phone circle “net red”, Liu Lirong is particularly low-key, the outside reports are rare. We can only sketch out some of Liu Lirong’s past experiences based on limited information. Liu Lirong was born in 1972. In 1990, he obtained the Central South University of Technology. After graduating from college, Liu Lirong was first assigned to the Tianjin Institute of Nonferrous Metals. In the mid-1990s, a job of the institute could definitely be called “decent”, but Liu Lirong was not safe. In the second year after graduation, in 1995, he went south to Guangzhou and started his career of “wide drift”. Before the establishment of Jin Li, Liu Lirong had two important resumes. The first paragraph was in 1996, Liu Lirong joined the bully. In the 1990s, the bully was a smash hit. According to public reports, the sales of the bully in 1995 rose to 1 billion yuan, which is equivalent to Wahaha. Duan Yongping’s newspapers for workers’ money even had dozens of bundles. Liu Lirong, who came to Xiaobawang, became a technical director. The company also gave him a two-bedroom, one-bedroom house. But the little bully brought him not the material incentives such as money, but Liu Lirong, a Bole of Liu Lirong. As Duan Yongping left the bully in 1996, the company began to fall apart. Many company executives have left, including Yang Minggui, then vice president of Xiaobawang. In 1998, Yang Minggui left the company to start a business and established Jinzheng Group in Dongguan. He mainly took the VCD business and took away a competent cadre, Liu Lirong, and this is also the second important resume of Liu Lirong. At that time, Liu Lirong, 25, was appointed as the executive vice president of Jinzheng Group. Although for a period of time, “real gold does not shoot fire – Jin Zheng VCD”, “Apple cooked – Jinzheng DVD” and other slogans resounded through the streets, but Kim Jung’s good days are not long. After entering the 21st century, Kim Jong was implicated in the smuggling case of his supplier Ye Xiaofan. Liu Lirong was even under surveillance. After half a year of review, Liu Lirong got rid of smuggling. At the same time, Yang Minggui immigrated to Canada, and Liu Lirong’s Kim Jong-il’s career also ended. In August 2002, at the suggestion of the dealer, Liu Lirong founded a mobile phone company, named “Golden”, which means “from Kim Jong-il, Liu Lirong began to stand on his own feet.”Liu Lirong, 30 years old, served as chairman and general manager of the company. Since then, he has entered the mobile phone industry and has truly become a corporate family. 02. The star effect allowed Jin Li to taste the sweetness in January 2003, less than half a year after its establishment. At the time, Jin Li launched its first product, the Gionee 303 mobile phone. However, in the first three years of its establishment, Jin Li’s life was not good. The main reason was that there was no mobile phone production license. Jin Li could only borrow the brand of Tianshida. According to Li Sanbao, vice president of Jinli Group, “To do the OEM means that every time Jin Li sells a mobile phone, he must give tens of dollars to the brand (the licensed brand), so that one year It will cost more than tens of millions to go out, and the most important thing is that advertising is not allowed without a license. In 2005, Gionee obtained the GSM and CDMA dual licenses issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and obtained a license of 7 million units per year. With the experience of doing OEM, Liu Lirong began to make a big effort in the mobile phone market and made a The decision to let Jin Li rise rapidly in the future: Inviting Emperor superstar Andy Lau to endorse. There is no public information disclosure of Andy Lau’s endorsement fees, but Lenovo’s status as a day, in the present words, “the sky-high endorsement fee” is not too much. Under the fame of the famous director Feng Xiaogang, Andy Lau’s personal image and the “gold quality, the world” advertising words began to be screened in CCTV, and also brought enough high attention to Gionee, so that the monthly sales of Gionee mobile phone Instantly broke through 250,000 units, and the monthly sales volume reached 400,000 units in the year. Jin Li, who tasted the star effect sweetness, started a new round of attacks in 2006, and TV commercials spread from CCTV to popular places such as Hunan Satellite TV and Phoenix TV. Taiwan, the form of delivery has also changed from advertising to title, the once famous TV series “Golden Branches” and “The Originator of the Draft” The variety show “Super Girl” was named by Jin Li. At the same time, the brainwashing TV shopping advertisements such as “Do not 2998, not 1998, as long as 998” spread in the streets and lanes, bringing the popularity of Jin Li to a new one. The effect of the marketing of the mad bombing is immediate. In 2006, the cumulative sales of Jinli mobile phones reached 4 million units, which doubled directly in 2007, exceeding 8 million units. By 2008, the total number of mobile phones in 2008 The sales volume exceeded 10 million units, becoming the highest-selling brand of domestic mobile phones at that time. 03. Losing the market with the first-mover advantage in the mobile phone market, Jin Li quickly established the position of the first camp in the domestic mobile phone, in the waveguide, In the case that Amoi, Panda, Kejian and other first-generation domestic mobile phones have been eliminated in history, Gionee has always had a high voice in the industry. In 2011, Gionee’s global shipments exceeded 21 million units and became domestically produced. The leader of the mobile phone. With a huge leading edge, Gionee became the partner of the Boao Forum for Asia, and its smartphone has also become the designated business phone of Boao Forum for Asia. At the end of 2011, Jin Li released a full line of smart phone products. At the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference in 2012, Jin Li gave the first product of the Tianjian series, GN380, as a gift to many guests. On the forum, Liu Lirong also released a slogan: “Looking at the global market, striving for a large enough market share, and maintaining efficiency beyond competitors, the future shipment target of Gionee must be 100 million. “But no one would have thought that this would be the last glory of Jin Li. In the era of smartphones that followed, Jin Li began to fall behind. When “China Cool Alliance” was unimpeded, Jin Li was no longer the first camp. Brand, and in the era of “Hua Mi OV”, Jin Li has completely opened the gap, only in the most aggressive marketing in 2016, the sales volume has been rushed to 40 million units. Even so, the sales volume of Jin Lidang is global The fifth vivo has a gap of 37 million and a market share of 2.7%. Jin Li’s retreat cannot be completely attributed to Liu Lirong’s gambling. In the view of “Party Fangshe”, the main reasons are as follows: First, Jin Li’s Smartphones came too late. In 2007, with the birth of the first iPhone, the era of smartphones officially opened, and international giants such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and HTC followed suit.Looking at the domestic market, Huawei released its first smartphone in 2009. ZTE, Lenovo, and Coolpad also launched their smartphones in 2010. Even Lei Jun, who has never had experience in mobile phones, also took the first place in the summer of 2011. A generation of Xiaomi mobile phone officially unveiled, and Jin Li set this time as November 2011. On November 11, 2011, Gionee released its first smartphone GN205, equipped with MediaTek chips, with a camera pixel of 5 million. However, the Gionee GN205 did not start firing, although the price was 1999 yuan, but the millet 1 used Qualcomm chips, the camera reached 8 million, the price will be the ultimate, coupled with the hunger marketing boost, instantly raised the millet smartphone The reputation of Jinli, and Jinli’s advantage in the mobile phone industry for nearly 10 years, was quickly eroded by Xiaomi. Second, the positioning of the Jinli mobile phone is not clear and biased. When it comes to domestic mobile phone brands, we seem to be able to label each one, such as national brand Huawei, camera phone OPPO, cost-effective mobile phone millet, young people’s mobile phone glory, even if it is a mobile phone brand that has been eliminated like Coolpad, when it was mentioned There is also a brand of “Thousand Yuan Machine”. But if you mention Jin Li, what features and positioning will you think of? I am afraid that most people are hard to think of in the first place. In 2016 and 2017, Jin Li invited Feng Xiaogang and Yu Wenle and the popular “Dakang Secretary” to speak for the mobile phone. They mainly focused on security and business characteristics, and even imitated the style of the People’s Name. They took a period of four minutes. The advertisement, the grand launch of the M6S Plus mobile phone, and the introduction of the live fingerprint identification technology, built-in security encryption chip and other features, can be described as very good. But unfortunately, from the major mobile phone manufacturers’ conferences, each manufacturer is sparing no effort to promote camera functions, chip processing capabilities, mobile phone design and so on. This also reflects from the side that the positioning of security and business is not in line with the psychological characteristics of current consumers buying mobile phones. This has also caused Jinli mobile phones to fail to start in the young people market and lose the most important group to buy mobile phones. In addition, the characteristics of business and security must bring high prices. Take Jinli M2017 as an example, starting from 6999 yuan, the customized version is as high as 16,999 yuan. Even Apple and Samsung have never had such high pricing, and the price of domestic mobile phones can only be left unattended. More deadly, Jin Likou shouted “main business, high-end route”, but in the product configuration, it still uses MediaTek chips, and the domestic head of the smart phone manufacturers, Qualcomm’s flagship products as their first choice, this On the contrary, Jin Li’s “high-end image” has disappeared. Third, marketing is too fierce and excessive money is burned. This point is also the most criticized by Jin Li before the outbreak of “Liu Lirong’s gambling lost 10 billion” news. At the beginning of 2018, Gionee’s supplier Oufei Technology said that Jin Li owed more than 600 million yuan and overdue for more than two months. At present, the company has stopped shipping to Gionee. Oufei Technology took the lead in launching the trouble, and the outside world began to realize that there was a problem with Jinli’s capital chain. Liu Lirong also admitted in an interview that Jin Li’s funding problem is due to the excessive investment in marketing expenses and investment expenses in 2016 and 2017, including marketing expenses of 6 billion yuan, foreign investment costs of more than 3 billion yuan, and two expenses close to 10 billion. yuan. At the beginning of 2017, Liu Lirong gave Jin Liding a domestic target sales of 30 million units and a challenge of 38 million units. This gives people the feeling that “Golden is ready to make a comeback”. Perhaps in the early years of marketing investment, Jin Li tasted the sweetness, so in order to return to the first camp of domestic mobile phones, Jin Li has set off a new round of marketing war. According to incomplete statistics, in the variety show, Jin Li’s programs in the past two years include: CCTV 6 sets of “The National Films Premiere”, Oriental TV “Swordsman”, “Four Famous Helps”, “Tonight” Le Men”, “Happy Comedy 3”, Beijing Satellite TV “Cross-Road King”, Jiangsu Satellite TV “We Fight”, “The Strongest Brain”, Zhejiang Satellite TV “True Voice”, “Happy Comedy”, “Challenge The Law, Hunan Satellite TV “2017 New Year Concert” and so on. According to the “Beijing Youth Daily” report, some of the most influential programs are currently worth more than 100 million yuan, and the exclusive title is higher.For example, the exclusive title of “Swordsman” is 180 million yuan / season, “Happy Comedy 3” title fee exceeds 200 million, “cross-border song king” title cost more than 250 million, “the strongest brain” title fee It has reached 250 million a few years ago. In addition, Jin Li also named the TV series “Chu Qiao Biography”. In the calculation, Jin Li only invested at least 3 billion yuan in sponsoring variety shows and TV dramas. However, the conversion effect of Xue Zhiqian, Liu Tao, “Dakang Secretary”, Yu Wenle and other spokespersons is also obviously not as good as TFBOYS, Wu Yifan, Luhan and other small fresh meat. The huge amount of marketing investment has not been exchanged for a substantial increase in sales, but instead makes Jin Li deeply Into the debt quagmire. There are still many reasons for the collapse of Gionee, such as blind expansion, resulting in excessive product line confusion, investment in real estate and other unfamiliar areas, resulting in a large amount of money wasted, its Internet mobile phone brand iuni over-emphasized mimetic, positioning swings, etc. In the end, Jin Li’s overwhelmed old horse was crushed. The story of Jin Li is not over yet. Recently, in the Ali Auction Network, 211 design patents under the name of Gionee Communications were auctioned out. According to the information, the starting price of these 211 patents is 21,100 yuan, and only one yuan is calculated. When the old mobile phone giant’s patent was worth only 100 yuan, it also left us with endless thinking. .

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