Pushing the cloud mobile phone and cloud game business, can the “micro-computing interconnection” tell the story of an “ARM version of Alibaba Cloud”?


Cloud mobile phones and cloud games are a hot concept in recent years: Google, Microsoft, Tencent, Huawei, Baidu and other big companies have entered the market. OPPO, OnePlus and other mobile phone manufacturers have begun to try. The revenues of head-starting companies in related fields have reached 100 million. level. Cloud services based on the X86 architecture have made ultra-large-scale products such as AWS and Alibaba Cloud. In the past few years, the industry has been researching and commenting on cloud computing based on ARM architecture. In fact, ARM has been supporting hardware virtualization technology since 2012, but it is limited by the technical conditions and market demand at the time. In recent years, with the maturity of communication technologies, the improvement of bandwidth and cost performance, the significant reduction of delays, and the rapid development of the mobile Internet market, virtualization based on ARM architecture has begun to develop, and cloud games and cloud applications have emerged. Our recent “micro-computing interconnect” is also a startup that has deployed the cloud gaming industry. Hunan Micro-computing Information Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is mainly engaged in the construction and research and development of smart phone application virtualization platform. At present, it has a team of more than 200 people, mainly focusing on technology research and development; founder Huang Xiaoyong has many years of virtual machine development. Architectural experience; Chief Scientist Tang Zhaomiao is the former technical leader of Rising. The company’s main business can be simply summarized as ARM cloud computing services. The company has launched related products and services such as red-finger cloud mobile phones and cloud games. At present, the company’s main customers are for C-end and B-end; the product provided on the C-side is the red-finger APP, which is the red-finger “cloud phone”, which can be simply understood as the emulation mobile phone running the app on the cloud, and in the form of video stream. Back to the mobile APP, you can run 24 hours a day, regardless of the configuration and performance of the machine. According to relevant online data, the total number of users of the Red Finger APP has exceeded 50 million, and the monthly paid active users are around one million. The users are mainly from Guangdong Province, mainly for the game users to solve the problem of insufficient endurance of their own hardware devices and the inability to open more pain points. . On the B side, it mainly provides ARM cloud services, cloud security, cloud game demo SDK, cloud application preview SDK, etc. to provide solutions for enterprises with mobile applications and mobile games; Huang Xiaoyong told 36 氪, one of the game makers’ products After accessing the cloud game demo SDK, in the case of the same DAU and the same exposure, the product product hit rate is 3 times before the access, and the revenue growth is up to 30%. According to Huang Xiaoyong, the company has already reached strategic cooperation with mobile phone Baidu, lemon assistant, Sina game, Sina cat claw, China Southern Power Grid, etc., and actively negotiated with OPPO, today’s headlines, China Telecom, etc. The underlying technology supporting these applications is based on the ARM chip-based cloud computing platform: based on the ARM CPU virtualization technology, the micro-computing interconnect has developed the ARM server and built the ARM cloud service computing cluster. Users can deploy applications on a large-scale cloud like a server using the current mainstream X86 architecture, thereby reducing the reliance on terminal hardware. At present, because of the increasing interest in cloud mobile phones and cloud games, vendors such as AWS, Ali, Huawei, and Tencent have also begun to enter the market; Huang Xiaoyong told 36 氪 that the company has been doing ARM cloud service research and development since 2012. Stable and easy to use, compared with similar products and potential competing products on the market, it has the advantage of time; and building ARM cloud service computing cluster is a system engineering. The migration from X86 architecture cloud service to ARM architecture cloud service is not simple. Virtualization technology involves CPU support and resource scheduling, high concurrent IO performance, display system, security framework and other technical thresholds are not low. At the same time, the product should optimize the host resource overhead, sharing, simulation and scheduling of various IO resources, and achieve high stability, speed response and other requirements also require experience and time; there are not many experienced technicians who do ARM virtualization in China. At present, the company has gathered talents in this area and is one of the company’s barriers. In terms of financing, in 2015, the company obtained a 30 million yuan angel round financing from Weiyi Internet and Dingkai Internet. In 2017, it obtained tens of millions of A rounds of financing from Baidu. Because it involves building a computing cluster, the cloud computing IaaS layer is also recognized as a heavy asset industry. AWS, Alibaba Cloud, etc. have had a burning period of about ten years.At this stage, the hardware procurement investment of the micro-interconnect has exceeded 100 million yuan. Huang Xiaoyong told 36 that the financial data such as depreciation cost and profit margin of hardware products are relatively optimistic. From the point of view, for the B-end customers who want to provide “cloud game” demos and “cloud applications” preview, it is likely to pay a cloud computing fee and bandwidth cost. Therefore, exploring new business models and financial models to provide better experiences to end users, gaining new revenues, or sharing costs is likely to be one of the factors determining whether the “ARM cloud computing industry” is expanding rapidly. At present, 5G can basically solve the problem of “cloud mobile phone” bandwidth and delay, but its final pricing is likely to affect the financial model of industry customers, which deserves attention. In the long run, “cloud mobile phone” is likely to have the opportunity to become a new entry point in the hardware layer of mobile phones because it can expand the computing and storage performance of mobile phones and terminals infinitely and help users solve the problem of consistency of experience brought by different mobile phone terminals. Therefore, this direction is likely to become a business that big companies are looking at. At this stage, Amazon has launched a cloud service based on ARM architecture chips. In 2019, Huawei also launched an ARM-based processor, the Kunpeng 920 and the TaiShan server based on the Kunpeng 920. Establishing deep partnerships with more major companies is probably a good choice for startups. .

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