Going to the sea | Go-Jek receives new investment from Mitsubishi; Oyo founder Ritesh Agarwal or repurchasing $1.5 billion in stock for greater control


Editor’s Note: “Daily Daily” is a series of products from the 36-year-old sea (ID: wow36krchuhai), which provides daily news of venture capital for the people in the sea. Southeast Asia Go-Jek has received a new investment from Mitsubishi as part of its ongoing F-round. Through this transaction, Go-Jek will further expand its operations in Southeast Asia. Mitsubishi can also leverage Go-Jek’s expertise to explore new opportunities in mobile and consumer services in Southeast Asia. Go-Jek On-Demand Video Streaming Service GoPlay now offers beta versions for Android users on Google Play. A Go-Jek spokesperson said that GoPlay will be rolled out in the future. Go-Play uses a Netflix-style subscription model that allows users to choose between daily, weekly, and monthly payment plans. Go-Play Support Go-Jek app users watch movies and videos on their mobile phones and will challenge the streaming video market currently dominated by foreign players such as Netflix in the US, HOOQ in Singapore and Iflix in Malaysia. Zomato India may launch an online home cooking service. This service is still very popular in parts of the country, especially between students and office workers. Previously, Zomato’s competitor Swiggy had provided a new app called “Swiggy Daily” to more than 1,000 customers in Gurgaon, where users can order meals prepared by family chefs. Indian cloud kitchen Rebel Foods received a $5 million investment from Go-Jek. This round of financing is part of the company’s ongoing D-round financing. To date, Rebel Foods has invested $20.9 million in its Series D financing, including existing investors Lightbox, Sequoia and Evolvence. Prior to the D round of financing, Rebel had raised approximately $119 million from multiple rounds of financing. 36氪出海(ID: wow36krchuhai) Recommended reading: How do the “cloud kitchens” that online catering giants have smashed in India? Oyo founder Ritesh Agarwal or repurchased $1.5 billion in stock for greater control. Oyo founder Ritesh Agarwal plans to meet with the company’s investors Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners, hoping to increase control of Oyo by repurchasing shares. Ritesh Agarwal hopes to increase his stake from the current 10% to 30%. If the deal can be completed, Agarwal will become Oyo’s second largest shareholder, second only to Softbank. Currently, Softbank owns nearly 48% of the company’s shares. Chuan Honghai produced the new iPhone for the first time in India, with a monthly capacity of only 250,000 units. According to the Taiwan Economic Daily, the industry has reported that Apple has asked Hon Hai Group to assemble the latest iPhone this year in India since August, but the initial monthly production capacity is only about 250,000. The initial assembled iPhone will be mainly sold in India. The report said that Apple’s mobile phone shipments in India fell 42% in the first quarter. According to foreign media reports, Counterpoint reported that in the first quarter of this year, Apple’s mobile phone shipments in India fell to 220,000 units, a drop of 42%. This year’s full-year sales are expected to be 1.5 million to 1.6 million units, down 10-17% from 2018. President of South Africa, Africa: Welcome Huawei to bring 5G technology. South African President Ramafusa said at the 4th Industrial Economics Digital Economy Summit in Johannesburg on the 5th that China Huawei is welcome to bring 5G technology to South Africa. Rama Fossa said that a number of telecom operators in South Africa had previously sent a letter to him saying that blocking Huawei would not only hinder the construction of South African 5G networks, but also affect existing 3G and 4G networks. He said: “We need 5G, only Huawei can bring us 5G.We support companies that can bring better technology to our country and the world. —————————— Hi I am Wei Pei-lin, who is 36 years old, and pays attention to the sea. At present, the community of 1,000 people from the sea has been established. People from the sea circle are welcome to pay attention to the public number (wow36krchuhai) exchange. Please note: Name + company + position. 36 氪 氪 同时 同时 同时 同时 同时 同时 同时 同时 同时 同时 同时 同时 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 精英 we we we we we we we we we we we we Don’t miss 1. “36氪 Going to the sea” WeChat public number is now available! Scan the QR code below, or use WeChat to search for “36氪出海” (ID: wow36krchuhai), pay attention! We will provide you with good content for the sea. Thank you for your attention, please recommend it! 2. “The sea channel” is also opened on the 36氪app! There are hundreds of good articles on the theme of the sea, and there are a lot of them that are not on WeChat! Come, follow the small animation, three steps to the top of the sea channel, one key direct to key dynamics. .

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