Two young men were shot by police when they put fireworks. The 21-year-old athlete was shot in the leg and said goodbye to the stadium.


On Monday night, a shooting incident occurred in the residential area of ​​Arlington Gardens in Jersey City.
Overseas network July 4th According to the US Fox News Network, two young people in New Jersey were shot and wounded by police. It is reported that the two people are setting off fireworks at the time of the incident.
Hudson County prosecutor Esther Suarez said in a statement on Tuesday that a police officer patrolled a residential area in Jersey City on Monday night, and three policemen opened fire. The two injured were 21 and 19 years old and have been sent to hospital for treatment.
According to Pixar 11 News, the 21-year-old injured boy is Daven Moore, a football player from the Western Iowa Community College. His mother said that her son was shot three times in the leg and she was worried that the child could no longer walk to the court.
According to reports, another victim said that when the police came over to confront them, he and Davent are firing Roman candle fireworks. The 19-year-old victim was also hit in the leg and left the hospital on Tuesday.
After the incident, New Jersey State Board of Education member Musab Ali issued a message on social media calling for a serious investigation of all the police involved in the incident.
According to reports, the cause of the shooting incident is still unclear and is currently under investigation. (Overseas network Zhou Wei)

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