The front line | 360 responded that the mobile phone business is “slowing down”, and another small player in the smartphone market is out?


Are there any future for small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturers? On the afternoon of July 4th, Phoenix Net Technology said that the 360 ​​mobile phone business that has not released new products in the past year has been suspended. Li Kaixin, the former president of 360 mobile phone, is currently leading the team to secretly develop 360 old smart watches in Shenzhen. Subsequently, 360 responded that the mobile phone business was not completely suspended, but only slowed down. In November last year, some media reported that 360 disbanded its mobile phone R&D team in Xi’an. The 360 ​​mobile phone was launched in 2014. It has three series of F (comfort), N (thousand yuan machine) and Q (medium and high-end), which basically covers the use of smart phones. However, the 360 ​​mobile phone started too late, lacking core technology, and must respond to the market share of the four major mobile phone manufacturers in Huami OV, and the shipment volume is very low. According to public data, in the Q3 quarter of 2018, 360 mobile phone shipments were only 600,000 units, while in the same quarter, Huawei shipped 56.01 million mobile phones, OPPO was 32.12 million, vivo was 30.22 million, and millet was 28.38 million. . According to IDC data, in 2018, the four major mobile phone manufacturers of Huami OV have occupied 80% of China’s market share. Even in 2017, when 360 mobile phones first achieved breakeven, the annual shipments were only 5 million units. The picture comes from the network. However, this is not exactly a problem with the 360 ​​phone. Since 2015, the growth rate of China’s smartphone market has continued to slow down. According to IDC data, in the whole year of 2018, the overall market volume of China’s smart phones fell by more than 10% year-on-year. Among the top five manufacturers in terms of domestic shipments, only Huawei and vivo achieved positive growth in shipments. China’s head-end mobile phone manufacturer, China Huawei, has technical barriers through its long-term core technology innovation. OPPO and vivo have two advantages in offline market and marketing. Although Xiaomi has experienced a large decline in product line and inventory channel adjustment in 2018. However, due to the high cost performance, there is still a place in the domestic mobile phone market. In contrast, the 360 ​​mobile phone’s actions in technology, marketing, and offline resources are lacking. Wang Xi, senior analyst of IDC China, said: “For the 2019, the overall market of domestic smartphones is still not optimistic.” The domestic mobile phone market is becoming more mature, and it is now in the macroeconomic downturn, consumer mobile phone budget is falling, change machine The longer cycle indicates that the mobile phone market is entering the era of stocks. Under the attack of the head phone manufacturers, the 360 ​​mobile phone will not be the first small and medium-sized mobile phone manufacturer to fall.

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