President of Latin American Strongman: Trump is wrong, he thinks that the United States is the master of the world


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“Trump is wrong. He thinks that the United States is the master of the world.” “Russia is a kind of force that guarantees that the United States does not interfere with other countries in the world.” Bolivian President Morales was interviewed by the Russian Satellite News Agency on July 3rd. Said.
According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, on July 11, Bolivian President Morales will visit Moscow and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Before the visit, he accepted an interview with the Russian satellite news agency.
The Latin American strongman has led Bolivia for 14 years. Morales affirmed the role of Russia in the international arena. He said: “Russia is a country that seeks a balance among the major international powers. Russia avoids military intervention. Russia has always abide by international law as a country and as a nation. The relationship with Russia is not only important to Bolivia, but to people all over the world.”
“Russia is a kind of force that guarantees that the United States does not interfere with other countries in the world. We believe that American institutions and models are neither life nor human protection. They do not want any competition from other countries.”
Morales believes that Russia shares its capabilities with other countries, which is fundamentally different from the United States. “This is why Russia is so important to the world.”
Speaking of Trump, the left-wing president said: “He believes that they are the masters of the world – this is a mistake. He believes that they will command the world – this is also a mistake. He believes that all countries in the world They are all colonies; they are absolutely wrong. They should think deeply about the political and social situation in the world.”
He also stressed that it is the American president who is making mistakes, not the American people.
Morales said that he may suggest to Trump that he is more humane in his attitude towards other peoples. “If we have to suggest something to Trump, it is to make the people of the world more humane and let the United States ratify all treaties on human rights and the environment, such as the Paris Agreement. The government we face wants to rule the world. ”
Morales also talked about the Venezuelan issue. He bluntly stated that the United States interfered with Venezuela and wanted to return to Latin America. “Although many countries in Latin America are governed by the right wing, Latin America has already stated that it is unacceptable for the United States to interfere in Venezuelan affairs. For the United States, this is another failure.”
Morales expressed interest in Russian weapons and equipment: “We have great interest in buying Russian military equipment. Last year we stopped using the US T-33 trainer, and the Air Force now asks us to replace it with a Russian aircraft.”
In January of this year, Morales has won the party primaries of the party’s “Socialist Movement” and will be the fourth president of Bolivia in October.
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