French college entrance examination has a scandal: 18 candidates were arrested, including 6 underage


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Overseas Network July 4th On July 3rd, six French college entrance examination candidates were detained by the police on suspicion of cheating in the subject examination. Up to now, the number of suspects detained in this year’s French college entrance examination venting case has increased to 18.
Agence France-Presse quoted Paris prosecutors as saying that on July 2, in Paris and Marseille, 13 candidates who had taken science, economics and social sciences and liberal arts mathematics examinations were detained by the police, including six minors. . At present, one person has been released.
The report said that on June 21, the French National Ministry of Education announced that it had reported on the grounds of “suspicion of suspicion”. After receiving the report, the Paris procuratorate launched an investigation on the crime of “test fraud, breach of trust and concealment of crimes” and entrusted the Paris Judicial Police. The crackdown on the personal crime brigade will be conducted to confirm whether the above candidates are informed of the questions and the way to vent the questions in advance.
According to the French Ministry of Education, the scope of the incident was very small. Several high school students in the schools of the three or four schools in the Greater Paris area were informed in advance by SMS or encrypted communication software. In view of the extremely limited scope of the test questions, the Ministry of Education decided not to cancel the original test results and arrange for re-examination.
According to the “Twenty Minutes” report, the scale of the incident may be greater than the assessment of the authorities. On June 21st, after the end of the French college entrance examination, there were rumors in the candidates: hundreds of candidates had already got the exam the night before the exam.
The report quoted a lawyer who was arrested as saying that his client received a text message from a friend the night before the college entrance examination and received the question. However, he did not make such a request to a friend beforehand, and he did not know the source of the exemption.
Who is leaking the test questions? How many candidates have obtained questions or answers in advance? What is the scope of the incident? According to the report, everything is unknown at the moment and is subject to police investigation and conclusion.
The full name of the French college entrance examination is the “High School Graduation Examination”, also known as the Bachelor Certificate (BAC) system. It is highly regarded by the French society as the “national symbol” and is regarded as a symbol of equal opportunity and the democratization of the school. Since the Napoleonic government first passed the “Organizational Order” in 1808, the French high school graduation examination system has been 210 years old. (Overseas Network – France – Long Jianwu)

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