Focus Analysis | Lei Jun fills Xiaomi’s “Yan value” short board


The body of the hard-core millet became soft and filled with the short board of its “face value”. On July 2, Xiaomi released the latest product Xiaomi CC9 series. This product, code-named “Little Fairy”, is the first “beautiful camera” mobile phone series that Xiaomi is surely located in the young people. The customized version of the map is aimed directly at female users. For the first time, Xiaomi didn’t have the superiority and running points of the big book special processor at the press conference, focusing on the photos and the value. Indeed, the CC series, whether it is color matching or more rounded design, is different from the past millet hardcore style, and even the product manager and internal spokesperson, is also a temperamental woman, the external spokesperson is Wang Yuan. CC’s product strategy seems to be the same as OPPO, vivo and nova: light brand name, traffic celebrity endorsement, multi-color appearance, main selfie and beauty features. However, in this market segment of “face value is justice”, Xiaomi’s coming is really late. At the end of 2018, Xiaomi announced a strategic cooperation with Meitu, obtained exclusive licenses for Mito smartphones and some smart hardware, and also obtained global licenses for some technologies and second-level domain names. The Mito phone is actually easy to change. The outside world also speculates that Xiaomi will soon launch products that pay more attention to beauty and self-timer. The release of CC is actually a “pre-promotional” incident, and it is also a step that Xiaomi has to take in the era of the game market in the mobile phone market. Before Xiaomi’s product line was large and complete, there were business series Mix, digital flagship and digital flagship various derivative machines. When there was no independent red rice, it often collided with Xiaomi “Digital+X” products. There are also some product lines that only have a few sporadic products, which are difficult to support, including play, Max and Note. From the choice of spokesperson, it can also be seen that Xiaomi has no rules: Liang Chaowei of Note 2 is a mature business style, and Wu Xiubo, Liu Shishi and Liu Yuran of Red Rice Pro are playing the national level. After the independence of red rice, the Xiaomi brand’s upward breakthrough is clear, but Lei Jun obviously cannot tolerate the obvious vacancies in the Xiaomi brand. In contrast, Huawei, glory, nova and P, Mate series matrix is ​​perfect, the strategy is clear. Xiaomi has always been absent from the market of “young and trendy”, and has handed over a large group of female users who are keen on taking photos and beauty, even turning a blind eye to Mito’s and ov’s high-value harvesting in this market. You should know that the V6 mobile phone of Meitu, the standard version is priced at 5099 yuan, and the high version is priced at 6999 yuan. Meitu has relied on these “face value bonuses” to support more than 88% of its revenue. After the release of CC, Xiaomi finally formed three distinct product lines: the high-end business series MIX, the digital flagship with the main price/performance ratio, and the CC series with the emphasis on women, which can correspond to Huawei’s P, Mate, nova and OV respectively. The flagship series. But at that time, the “face value bonus” Xiaomi is now catching up, it is not easy. Xiaomi CC’s internal codename “Little Fairy” complements Xiaomi’s brand positioning and product layout. There is a clear impression of the engineer’s culture, and all the data on the mouth are dry. In the early years, “born for a fever” was a distance from most female users. Lei Jun was also frank in an interview in 2017: “The proportion of women in Xiaomi’s mobile phone is only 25%. The proportion of women who are some of our peers accounts for about 55%.” Instead, OPPO and vivo have been highlighting photos and appearance since the birth. The selling point at your fingertips is also a “group of young people”. Although many people vomit “high price and low allocation”, but they can not stop the “20 million soft light double shot, illuminate your beauty” advertising words, so that users willingly pay the “face value tax.” As a disciple of Duan Yongping, the founders of the two companies are well versed in marketing routines, and they are famous for their popular variety shows. As for the spokespersons, they only look for the most popular traffic stars, from the early Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, Yang Yang to the recent Liu Wen and Lu Han. Wang Junkai. The advertisements of the “Blue and Green” two factories are simply the weather vane of the star’s popularity. Since 2015, the growth rate of the smartphone market has slowed down. Vendors are starting to smash each other’s positions. OV this combination of punches, the difficulty of copying seems not so big. At that time, Xiaomi actually had the opportunity to win the share of OV.However, in 2016, Xiaomi fell into a trough, and shipments plummeted. Xiaomi was bent on his life and regained his lost ground. Naturally, he did not have the heart to open a new product line. Huawei accurately seized the fighters, and Huawei launched the nova series of close-knit OV. In product planning, “performance” was placed after “photographing and design”, and in the words of the person in charge, He Gang, “beauty is above everything else”. Zhang Yixing and Guan Xiaotong are spokespersons. The slogan has produced “my mobile phone, I am beautiful”. From the design of mobile phones to the choice of spokespersons, it is obvious that they use the OV ready-made routine. Nova quickly sprang up, but sold 20 million units in a year. It is expected that by July of this year, the shipment of nova series mobile phones will exceed 100 million units. Once the worries are resolved, the “engineer” Xiaomi still tries to please female users, but there may be genetic rejection. In July 2017, Xiaomi 5X announced Wu Yifan as a spokesperson and continued to Mix2. Lei Jun’s explanation is “Please ask Wu Yifan to be the top celebrity endorsement, just to let more female users know what Xiaomi is like.” Finally, according to the data released by Lei Jun, the number of female users after Wu Yifan increased by 5%. It can be seen from the data released by Penguin think tank this year that 60% of Xiaomi users are male, and it is difficult for Wu Yifan to break through the “hard core” gene accumulated by Xiaomi brand for many years. “Fever” can not be lost, but also want to highlight the value and self-timer, both hands must be caught, the final effect is that Xiaomi seems to have fallen into contradiction. In terms of meters 9, the preheating poster said that the meter 9 would be the highest value mobile phone, and also used Wang Yuan as the spokesperson, obviously wanting to win the favor of women. But in the end, it collaborated with the hardcore science fiction animation “Battle Angel”, the “can hit” in the slogan and the complicated parameters on the press conference, and went back to the “initial heart” of Xiaomi engineers. Obviously, in order to occupy the young, especially the female user’s mind, to compete with nova and OV, it is necessary to open up a new product line, which is clearly separated from Xiaomi Digital and Xiaomi MIX. If it is only tinkering with the existing product line, it will hurt. And fundamentally. Product manager Wei Siqi broke the line. According to Xiaomi’s 2018 annual report, its smartphone gross margin was 6.2%. Generally speaking, the store sells Xiaomi’s mobile phones with only 7% of profits, which is tens of dollars of gross profit. OV Online is known for its high gross profit. Huawei’s P, Mate, nova and even glory also leave enough profit margins for offline channels. If Xiaomi wants to make a breakthrough in sales, he can only rely on offline breakouts and rely on those who can earn money to do it. Xiaomi 9 has begun to try to give the channel some sweetness, but the “cost-effective” positioning of Xiaomi Digital’s flagship is destined to make it impossible to let go. Xiaomi CC9, especially the Mito custom model, may become the breakthrough point of the millet line. According to Mito’s 2018 semi-annual report, its smart hardware gross margin is as high as 26.7%. If Xiaomi CC has such a profit margin, the enthusiasm of offline channels will naturally be very different. Interestingly, Xiaomi CC still did not leave Xiaomi’s cost-effective route, CC9 minimum price of 1799, and similar configuration of nova or reno is still a lot of good. The biggest change is that the price of the Mito custom version has been raised to 2599. Compared with the RedmiK20 Pro in the same price segment, it does not use the Qualcomm 8 series processor, nor the pop-up camera, but the “100 that once sold for 5000+. The more “soft” configuration of the % Meitu algorithm and so on appears to be kind, which is obviously a higher profit margin product. Looking back at Xiaomi’s past strategy, I can predict that after the cost-effective drainage, the price of the future CC series may also be explored. Xiaomi CC did not rashly put forward the concept of “female mobile phone”. It is still a wise move. For decades, the domestic mobile phone market has no shortage of slogans such as “female mobile phones”, from Duowei, TCL Mengbaoou to the innate advantage. Beautiful pictures, all the sands are broken. Xiaomi’s official statement is “to help the millet brand further expand the female user market with CC9 Mito customized version”, and from the history of OV and nova, it can be seen that to achieve this goal, it relies heavily on the ability of offline channels.If the planning of the sale under the millet line is right, the whole system can keep up, and quickly make the heat, CC may really become a pillar of the millet product map. What needs to be worried is that CC’s opponents have taken a big step ahead. Huawei’s nova, vivo X series and OPPO’s Reno and R series have been accumulated online for many years, and formed a certain brand threshold. Moreover, in addition to the value and design, they are more and more elaborate in the configuration. Many new technologies of Huawei are starting in nova. For example, nova 4 first launched a punch screen, and nova 5 started a night portrait selfie. Nova also changed the tradition of adopting the previous generation of flagship processors, and equipped the latest flagship chip Kirin 980 on the 5pro. Under the line, Xiaomi had to fight with them in close quarters. From the naming of Xiaomi CC, Xiaomi still hopes to endorse and drain the Xiaomi brand. However, the brand power of Xiaomi is too hard for CC. It is also a double-edged sword. It is difficult to say that a girl who is not obsessed with self-portraits and beauty will become a motivation or obstacle to the purchase of Xiaomi brand. Nova has also experienced such a process. At the beginning, Huawei was very wise to retake the new name that has nothing to do with Huawei and glory. Although it was sold in Huawei offline stores, it took a Huawei brand and maintained a certain area. Interval. But even so, according to He Gang, after the release of nova2s, “everyone said that this product is not like Huawei’s previous products.” At the press conference, when the price of the Mito CC’s Mito custom was displayed on the screen, it triggered again. The cheers on the scene, but CC has to perform online and under the channel, there is still a long way to go. (If you are interested in discussing Xiaomi CC and offline stories, please contact us on WeChat yuansl_92. Please indicate your name, company and events).

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