Earlier, Bill Gates admitted in public that he had made the biggest mistake, and the resulting losses amounted to $400 billion. He said, “I have made the biggest mistake. Because of poor management, Microsoft has not introduced a standardized, non-Apple mobile phone operating platform like Android.” It can be seen that the former richest man in the world is still very upset.

If it is not mentioned again, perhaps people have long forgotten the existence of Windows Phone (Microsoft’s mobile operating system). In 2019, Microsoft completely confessed that it would permanently stop updating the system by the end of the year. The big man in this scientific and technological world can be said to have caught up late in the early morning.
The data shows that Microsoft has been developing for more than 40 years, mainly in research and development, manufacturing, licensing and providing a wide range of computer software services. As the world’s largest provider of computer software, the number of Windows users has exceeded 1.5 billion. Even in the field of mobile phones, in their view, success is a matter of course, the layout of the year is much earlier than Apple and Google.
Microsoft launched its own mobile operating system CE 20 years ago. Later, it added functions such as Bluetooth and changed its name to Windows Mobile (WM for short). Because there is a PC-like interface, and some office software can be used, it is quickly familiar and accepted by users, and has become synonymous with high-end business phones. In the same year, there were reports predicting that this system will occupy a large share of the market in the future, but the market is not changing as predicted.
With the emergence of Apple’s iOS, it has completely changed the original button machine development ideas. Inspired by this, Android also released its own touch-screen operating system. But Ballmer, then the CEO of Microsoft, did not agree. Also ridiculed Apple’s products, called “the world’s most expensive mobile phone, because it does not have a keyboard, it is not attractive to business customers.” In his eyes, his biggest competitor is Nokia’s Saipan. They marched in the intrinsic direction and missed the three-year period of gold development, watching their competitors grow rapidly.
They were not aware of it until they were overtaken by the Android camp. Hastily released the WP system, and wooed many vendors such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC and so on. It is worth noting that the growth of smartphones has not yet reached the outbreak stage. Although the Android application has reached 100,000, it is obviously not an order of magnitude higher than the current 3 million. For Microsoft, there is actually a chance to turn over.
The game of Microsoft’s counterattack was later known to everyone, and it was not scheduled to be staged. Because they always believe that: computers are the center of the future, smartphones and tablets are just a foil. Therefore, it follows the old-fashioned ideas and styles of the PC era, and charges high licensing fees, which results in low-priced and low-priced mobile phones, which are difficult to sell. In addition, the replacement of the system kernel, resulting in each upgrade, the user has to change the phone, and the application developer also needs to be revised. No one can accept it, because the misjudgment and mistakes are a waste of time and energy, so that Android will grow rapidly.
Later, he took Nokia’s mobile phone business and tried to save the game, but the results were minimal. The market share of the WP system has been declining year by year, with only 0.15% remaining last year, and will be permanently stopped at the end of this year. Once considered the world’s third-largest mobile phone system, it can only be withdrawn now.
Today’s Android has occupied more than 75% of the global market share, while Nokia and Microsoft have withdrawn, Samsung’s operating system has not been able to weather. This year, we can see that Huawei has been facing difficulties in the situation. The outside world is full of expectations for Huawei’s Hongmeng system. It is reported that the system has been developed for at least seven years and may be available in the fall of 2019. As for whether we can break the two strong formats of Android and Apple, let us wait and see.

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