Bitcoin’s rise triggered a collapse of 20 billion “the largest fund in the currency circle”?


Recently, a number of “wallets” have crashed.

The currency circle is showing a strange state: it doesn’t care about the rise and fall of Bitcoin, and the sky is the news of the “Maximum Funds of the Currency” Plus Token wallet crash.
On June 30th, reported that since the evening of June 27th, the Plus Token wallet (hereinafter referred to as Plus Token) has been unable to withdraw cash. According to the current user scale, the Plus Token crash is a foregone conclusion. According to sources, the amount involved in Plus Token may be 20 billion yuan.
Time Finance verified that as of the afternoon of July 1, Plus token still could not be withdrawn. Since the issue of the inability to withdraw cash, Plus token has not had any official announcement to explain this.
Yan Tian (pseudonym), a veteran of the currency circle, told Time Finance that according to the current situation, the Plus Token organizer has indeed run and Plus Token will not return. Recently, there have been multiple “wallets” crashing, and Plus Token is the benchmark for “wallets.” The reason for the “wallet” crash is that the recent bitcoin price broke through the $10,000 and $11,000 mark, reaching a historical high, and then fell back. Ethereum and so on have also skyrocketed. There are not a few people who invest millions of dollars in the Plus Token. For a time, a large number of Plus Token investors hoped to sell the held currency at a high level, and there was a large area of ​​cash withdrawal, and Plus Token could not afford to pay.
At noon on July 1st,’s official Weibo “Phoenix Network Blockchain” reported that according to the Daily Mail, local police in Vanuatu (Western Pacific) arrested at least on Thursday night for illegal Internet fraud. Six Chinese nationals. These six people are suspected of the Plus Token founding team.
Millions of people suspected of pyramid schemes
The Plus Token wallet was founded in 2018. According to sources, the current amount of Plus Token is about 20 billion yuan. However, Hao Tian said that it is understood that the amount of the case involving Plus Token may be more than 20 billion yuan, and the data can be found in the cold wallet, which is the currency wallet address of the trader.
According to, as of now, there is no exact number of Plus Token investors, but in August 2018, the total number of members of Plus Token has exceeded one million, and in the MLM promotion mode, this number After half a year, it has gained further growth. Earlier this year, Plus Token made it clear that the number of members will exceed 10 million in 2019.
Time and money have found that, unlike other funds that play air currency (not on the exchange), Plus Token is mainly aimed at mainstream digital currencies that the public has already recognized, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc. This has, to a certain extent, allowed investors to relax their vigilance.
However, investors with the Plus Token project said that the mainstream digital currency is traded through Plus Token. In fact, users must first deposit these mainstream coins into the “wallet” of Plus Token. The currency placed in this “wallet”, if the user does not turn it out, is not a coin of his own, and is always at risk.
In addition, Plus Token has also built its own platform coin Plus currency. Because you can make money through platform dividends, you have attracted a certain number of investors to buy Plus coins. According to the data, Plus Token was a smash hit in the second half of 2018. The Plus coin soared from 0.4 USD in just a few months to 47.1 USD on March 5, 2019, which has increased more than 100 times.
In addition, reported that after analyzing the mechanism of Plus Token, it is not difficult to find that Plus Token expands its membership through the MLM mode. Plus Token’s explanation video about the level explanation fully reflects the nature of its MLM. The Plus Token account can be divided into four categories: big, big, big, and founding. Each level can get extra return in addition to the link income. commission.
Larger households can get an additional 5% rebate, 10% for big coffee and 15% for big god, and the platform can be given extra monthly dividends + end of year dividends, in addition to the total number of smart dogs on the 10th floor under the umbrella. The market value reaches 200,000 US dollars, which can be 100% of the direct push. To become a big family, you need to push 10 people directly and successfully open the smart dog; the big coffee needs to push more than 10 people directly, and there are three big households; the great god needs to push more than 10 people directly, three of which are big coffee; and the founding requires There are at least three great gods under the name.
Analysis of the way many investors enter the market, they are mainly based on the elders at home or friends around to start investing in Plus Token. Initial promotion should be the first choice for family and friends around. Most of the investors in the community are full-time mothers and students.
The main reason for the players who have already entered the Plus Token to actively develop the downline is the high commission. According to informed sources, the dividend for the first year of the year is not less than 1.5 million US dollars. This statement has been affirmed by another investor. An investor who was an early adopter of the investor can get several BTCs in the late day.
According to the report, at the end of February, Wenyuan Police Station in Tianxin District of Changsha City investigated and handled a “Plus Token Wallet” pyramid scheme propaganda den. The MLM organization’s “Plus Token Wallet” blockchain project is an Alipay in the blockchain. Investors deposit 1 million yuan, and compound interest can earn 7 million yuan a year. Open “Intelligent Moving Bricks”, in addition to the insurance, you can get 10% to 30% monthly income, and you can get a high commission when you develop the offline. Users directly develop a downline reward of 100%, from the second floor to the tenth floor. Reward 10%.
The founder is not aware of the difficulty of defending rights
Previously, there were rumors that Plus Token was developed by the Google team and the Samsung team. However, after the “Phoenix Network Blockchain” issued on the 1st of July, “six people suspected that the Plus Token founding team was arrested in Vanuatu”, there were Plus Token investors who claimed that the six were Chen Bo (Chen Zihan) and Ding Zanqing. Peng Yixuan, Chen Yuanyuan and others.
However, there was a suspected official statement that denied the founder’s statement as Chen Zihan.
However, there have been reports recently that on March 25, a senior Chen surnamed a preaching in Vietnam to open up overseas markets. After the Vietnam Conference, the investment enthusiasm of the Plus Token community has never been higher.
In addition, reported that more than 95% of Plus Token investors are transferred to Plus Token’s address after purchasing digital currency through the Firecoin OTC channel. The Firecoin OTC is the main deposit channel for Plus Token.
One investor said that if you don’t know how to operate, then you only need to transfer the money to the “online” that pulls you in. After that, the “online” will help you download and register the real fire currency network, and then buy Digital currency, then download Plus Token’s plus app, you need to fill in the introducer information during the registration process. After the registration is completed, Plus Token will give you an address, and then you will go to this address on the fire coin. In the process of transferring the coins to Plustoken, it only takes two or three minutes to arrive.
Whether the Plus Token Creation Team is a Firecoin Creation Team, or a link between the two, remains to be confirmed.
Hao Tian believes that the current founding team, whether Chen Zihan and others, is currently difficult to distinguish, but the answer may be revealed around July 2. Because there have been rumors of arrests, if Plus Token does not open the net and clarify on July 2, it is completely cool. By then, the people around the founding team will expose their information to illustrate and retaliate.
Time Finance noted that since June 30, there have been more people on the market claiming to acquire the digital currency held by Plus Token investors. Hao Tian said that some of the acquirers are believers of Plus Token. The purchase price is low, only one fold or even lower, and hope that the platform will survive and make a fortune. However, most of them are deceptive, get the coins, and don’t pay.
At present, Plus Token investors are trying to protect their rights, but on the whole, they have not yet formed a more viable rights protection plan.
According to the financial network report, comprehensive multi-party news shows that it is not easy for Plus Token investors to recover their own funds, and investors need to actively recover. When suggested to go to the local report, many investors expressed hesitation. The online players who entered these games were all familiar or close to them because they were hesitant about the report based on personal relationships. In addition, the lack of clear operational responsibility is also one of the difficulties in recovery. (Beijing Time Finance George)

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