The largest fund in the currency circle stopped withdrawing on the 4th day: the internal recording flowed out. The founder was controlled by the police.


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In the last week of June, a giant thunder was suddenly detonated – on June 27th, the largest fund of the currency circle, plustoken, was stopped. As of now, the shock wave of the tens of billions of cases involving millions of victims of pyramid schemes is still spreading.
What is plustoken?
Relevant information shows that plustoken claims to be a smart wallet, a currency balance, and the team is from South Korea. Investors deposit 1 million yuan, and compound interest can earn 7 million yuan a year. Users investing in plustoken intelligent brick wallet, in addition to the insurance, can also get 10% to 30% of the monthly income, directly develop a downline reward of 100%, from the second floor to the tenth floor each reward 10%.
The plustoken account can be divided into four levels: “big family”, “big coffee”, “big god” and “initiation”. Each level can get extra rebates: big customers can get an extra 5% rebate, big coffee is 10%, great god It is 15%, and the creation of the platform receives additional monthly dividends and dividends at the end of the year.
With the blockchain boom, plustoken wallets have swept across more than 100 countries in more than a year, with more than 3 million users. Based on a rough estimate of the available information, the amount of plustoken involved is either $20 billion.
According to an investor who told the Daily Economic News reporter that from June 27th, the plustoken wallet could not be withdrawn, and it has been shown in the review.
Plustoken wallet withdrawal page mobile phone screenshot
Up to now, the fourth day that the plustoken wallet can’t be cashed out, the whole plustoken community is full of people’s hearts. The “Creation” and “Great God” are also constantly appeasing the “family”. “The withdrawal delay has been a few in the past year. The experience is only a matter of time, and the platform has been developed. This delay in withdrawal will be well overcome. Recovery is only a matter of time, not a fundamental one. I will notify you as soon as I receive new news.” But this time it can’t be cashed out, obviously not as simple as delay.
6 people arrested for Internet fraud
On June 29, the South Pacific Island State Vanuatu Daily Post reported that “6 Chinese are facing exile”, the article said that on Thursday night (June 27) Vanuatu police troops arrested at least six Chinese.
“Chinese law enforcement officers are not directly involved in raids, but provide assistance to the police by determining where people live. It is reported that these Vanuatu passport holders are identified by the Chinese department as being from a property in Port Vila to the Chinese. Conduct illegal Internet scams.”
“A senior interior official insisted that this was a ‘normal’ operation, but it is believed that this is the first time that so many Chinese citizens have been arrested in Vanuatu under overseas arrest warrants. Six Chinese law enforcement officers arrived in Vanuatu shortly before the action. It is understood that the anti-money laundering department of Vanuatu participated in the investigation.”
Although the report did not mention plustoken, the time of the incident was June 27, the first day that plustoken stopped withdrawing. The “Internet Fraud” keyword also revealed that the amount of information in this area was unusual.
Today, the “Daily Economic News” reporter received a “plustoken latest consensus information” from a plustoken investor. In its recording, the plustoken project party admitted that the founder Chen Zihan had been under police control.
At the beginning of this year, plustoken was once detained by the Changsha police.
As early as the end of February this year, the Changsha police had dropped a “plustoken blockchain wallet” propaganda den.
At that time, some citizens reported to the Wenyuan Police Station in Tianxin District of Changsha City: Wenyuan Street and 141 Room of A1 Building in Zhuang were suspected of carrying out illegal financial propaganda activities with the “plustoken blockchain wallet” as the gimmick.
Hunan Local Financial Supervision Bureau website screenshot
After receiving the alarm, the relevant departments of Changsha police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate and investigated the “plustoken blockchain wallet” propaganda dens. On the spot, it was found that the wall of the propaganda door was hanged with a “blocky wallet that would make money and shocked” and a billboard with the words “wallet, functional, just needed, wide range”. 30 people are conducting a publicity campaign on the “plustoken blockchain wallet”. The public security immediately controls the person in charge of the presentation and has inspected the site according to law.
After on-site inspection, it was found that the propaganda dens did not have any relevant qualifications. In violation of relevant state regulations, the “blockchain” brand was used to engage in virtual currency and other related publicity training. It is suspected that this way will be used to lure the masses. From the end of February this year, it has been more than four months.
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