The two women learned that Kardashian put blood on the face and now they are suffering from AIDS and hepatitis B.


According to the British “Daily Mail” local time on May 3, since Kim Kardashian posted a photo of himself “Vampire Facial Care” on the Internet, many people began to follow the trend to do this kind of facial care. . But recently, two Australian women were diagnosed with AIDS after doing this care.

Kim Kardashian posted photos online
It is reported that the blood required for this care will be extracted from the customer’s arm and then rotated in a centrifuge to separate platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. Subsequently, the separated serum is injected into the patient’s face with a microneedle, causing “micro-damage”, forcing the skin to self-repair, and helping to increase skin collagen and replenish skin moisture.
Woman doing “vampire facial treatment”
Two Australian ladies also followed the trend to go to New Mexico in the United States to do this “vampire facial care”, but soon after they were detected the same HIV, hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus.
It is reported that the operation cost 1,500 US dollars (about 10100.55 yuan), and the accident occurred because the spa used a problematic micro-needle device, and its micro-needle may have disinfection problems.
Two women were tested for HIV
Experts say that if performed properly, the surgery itself is safe, but even so, the risk of skin damage and infection remains high.
The Australian College of Aesthetic Surgery urges Australians to be careful when considering these “popular medical procedures,” no matter how “fashionable” they are.
“When your doctor gives you someone else’s plasma, a reusable needle, or an infected syringe, there is a problem.”
Kim Kardashian live “beauty” process
According to doctors, this facial treatment is still a medical procedure that should not be carried out in a beauty salon, nor should it be carried out by a beautician, only in an approved medical institution.
According to statistics, Australians spend about $1 billion a year on non-invasive cosmetic surgery (about RMB 4.728 billion).
At present, the spa has gone to the building.

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