The netizen birthday note insiders admitted that 70 million fines are true


(Original title: Netizen flower birthday notes insiders admit that 70 million fines are true)
The netizen birthday note insiders admitted in the circle of friends that the birthday of the flower was punished. The insider said that the huge fine was not a rumor, but the company did not fall, and the IPO would be standardized in the future. According to the new consumption report of Blue Hole, the domestic e-commerce intelligent shopping guide App flower birthday record operation company Guangzhou Flower Birthday Network Technology Co., Ltd. was recently sentenced to administrative punishment by the Guangzhou Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce for alleged pyramid schemes, with a specific fine of 1.5 million yuan and confiscation of illegal income of 73.06 million yuan. The cumulative penalty was not 74.56 million yuan. This is also the second large amount of fines and penalties in the field of social e-commerce in China, and it is the largest one so far. In 2017, the collection of micro-stores was suspected of carrying out pyramid schemes in the form of “payment of membership fees” and “pull heads”, and was fined more than 9.58 million by the Binjiang District Market Supervision Bureau. The flower birthday was founded in July 2017. The legal representative is Yang Xianqiang, who has received tens of millions of dollars in financing, but has not disclosed investment institutions.

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